Minicap: Keeping Up with the Kardashians — Color Me Lonely


k-lonely-2How can I be lonely if you never leave me alone?


Welcome KardashiFANS! Thank you all so much for the comments from last week’s opening episode. I appreciate all the support! Now, are you ready for another k-k-k-krazy episode following the k-k-k-kooky k-k-k-kapers of this family? This episode is mainly about Kris’s interference with Bruce’s growing independence (heaven forbid she might be losing control!) and her antics in keeping the family together, particularly in trying to strengthen the bond between Bruce and the youngest daughter Kylie. Her way of doing this is forcing Bruce and Kylie and a subset of family members to go to a Yoga class, to go rock-climbing, and to take a cooking class. Another thread (loose by all definitions) is a painting that has been inherited by Kourtney and Scott from his parent’s estate– they believe it may be by a famous painter, Amedeo Modigliani. They are so convinced of this, they practically spend the money it will bring in before they can even get it properly appraised – by a David Bowie lookalike. Plus we get to see Bruce get a haircut, and highlights.


k-BrucefoilColor me beautiful

Check back in a day or two for the full recap. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here is last week’s full recap.