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L.A Hair Season 3 Episode 4 Minicap: Lisa and the Ratcheteers | TrashTalkTV

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L.A. Hair Season Minicap: Lisa and the Ratcheteers



Women sell their souls every day in pursuit of perfect hair. 

Hello Trash Talkers! Time to hit the salon again and laugh at all the hot messes who work there. Let’s look back at last week so you can know why sh@t is hitting the fan now at the salon.

Kim Kimble is ready to open up another salon in Atlanta. She tells her sister, Leah, that she wants her to find a “pop up” salon for her ASAP so she can test it out before she opens one there. Leah is trying to figure out what the hell a pop up salon is and is running around trying to get everything ordered arranged, from the locations to the products.

Kim has decided to take Dontay, Leah, Terry and herself. They have some celebrity hair too to do on a bunch of not so known people. They are really excited, except for Leah, who is already calculating the tons of work that needs to be done in a very short time. Kim dances around acting like a celebrity who just invited her entourage. Everything comes together and at the end Kim makes a big, dumb, announcement that they are opening a salon in Atlanta! Right after she had a serious conservation about it with Leah before and Leah was not thrilled and totally against it.

This is like announcing  she was going to be on the cheerleading squad to the coach back in high school although she didn’t even try out.

Then she turns around and tells Leah all the stuff she has to do AFTER she compliments all the stank stylists on their hard work (which is accurate unless we are referring to Terry and his stylist).  Leah has had it with her fluff head delusional sister and gives it to her then walks out.

I am all for that one. Kim Kimble may be a good stylist but she sure as hell does not know anything about running a salon. At. All.


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3 comments on “L.A. Hair Season Minicap: Lisa and the Ratcheteers

  1. scooby says:

    So…You’re as good at this as you are with the DM. Great job. Kim put the cart before the horse for real. I am wondering if Bubble Head should be the name of a new hairdo, Kim being the inspiration for that masterpiece.

  2. Floshizzle says:

    scooby you’re always so positively snarky. I know there is a hairdo we called the mushroom. Is there anyone in that salon with their real hair besides Anthony! I do like the hairdo “the bubble” so please give a definition.

  3. Floshizzle says:

    Excuse me I meant “The Bubblehead”

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