L.A. Hair Season Minicap: Lisa and the Ratcheteers



Women sell their souls every day in pursuit of perfect hair. 

Hello Trash Talkers! Time to hit the salon again and laugh at all the hot messes who work there. Let’s look back at last week so you can know why sh@t is hitting the fan now at the salon.

Kim Kimble is ready to open up another salon in Atlanta. She tells her sister, Leah, that she wants her to find a “pop up” salon for her ASAP so she can test it out before she opens one there. Leah is trying to figure out what the hell a pop up salon is and is running around trying to get everything ordered arranged, from the locations to the products.

Kim has decided to take Dontay, Leah, Terry and herself. They have some celebrity hair too to do on a bunch of not so known people. They are really excited, except for Leah, who is already calculating the tons of work that needs to be done in a very short time. Kim dances around acting like a celebrity who just invited her entourage. Everything comes together and at the end Kim makes a big, dumb, announcement that they are opening a salon in Atlanta! Right after she had a serious conservation about it with Leah before and Leah was not thrilled and totally against it.

This is like announcing  she was going to be on the cheerleading squad to the coach back in high school although she didn’t even try out.

Then she turns around and tells Leah all the stuff she has to do AFTER she compliments all the stank stylists on their hard work (which is accurate unless we are referring to Terry and his stylist).  Leah has had it with her fluff head delusional sister and gives it to her then walks out.

I am all for that one. Kim Kimble may be a good stylist but she sure as hell does not know anything about running a salon. At. All.


We return to Leah, who has shown up to work only because it’s a paycheck. Kim and Leah are not talking to each other. Neither thinks the other is wrong. Of course while she is there she sees all of the employees in a huddle talking to Kim who has confided in her staff. Once again we see WHY Leah is constantly on edge with her sister and the staff. It seems like Kim likes to run around like a celebrity but really she acts like Santa Claus promising the elves they would have an abundance to give away, while they have nothing in the toy workshop. Then telling her sister to go find some out in the North Pole while there are major layoffs.


Leah is already planning her gig with REAL celebrities while her sister floats around like a bubble

Kim tries to play pretend like Leah is so much older she should be more mature than her. This is so third grade. What a pathetic try. You guys are the same generation and she is probably 5 months older than you. You are entering hag land while you are still youngish due to unknown factors. Get over it.

They fight, they have dinner, and other things that don’t work and remind me what a shameless bubble head Kim is. Will she ever get a clue or is she going to be running around trying to figure out how to calculate an actual budget? We shall see. If that were to happen I am pretty sure she would be filing bankruptcy in record time. The full recap is coming soon so until then have a wonderful Friday the 13th! Spooky day, stay away from the salons!

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