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Untying the Knot Episode 2 Minicap: Passport for Divorce | TrashTalkTV

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Untying the Knot Episode 2 Minicap: Passport for Divorce


Hello Trashmongers! Hope as is well in your love life, be it with your cat or an actual human. Last week was the unveiling of Untying the Knot, a show about divorcing, insanely rich couples fighting over useless crap. I am loving the fact that someone is FINALLY doing a show SOLELY about divorce, a topic that does NOT get enough TV time. No specials or ANYTHING.

The show is about couples who are ready to divorce but have to agree on who gets what before they do it to avoid going to court so they need a mediator. You know, the usual. Except these reality TV couples have oodles of money like our star Vikki’s usual clients, instead of a few pennies like the rest of us. These shallow, sour couples have Vikki Ziegler, top attorney and mediator for divorcing couples. She will help them come to an agreement on who gets what overpriced crap with her expert mediating skills. The fun thing is usually the couple is VERY arrogant about having money and expensive items to fight over. Even better is when they find out they got scammed out of bucket loads for a piece of crap.


You may have bought these at Party City, but to some they are worth millions

There are also a couple of cute brothers who are supposedly experts in appraising enormously expensive items who Vikki loves to flirt with.

We get the overview on how they met, fell in love, hit a place where she was putting Nair in his shampoo and he started banging the neighbor’s goat. Now both of them want every damn thing down to the last can of Who Hash.

Last week, we had a plastic power couple complete with a gorgeous and surprisingly smart wife. Plus a stupid husband who secretly wanted to stay married and keep all of their money under his pillow. Except he kept calling everything “HIS”. Soon he found that most of that “HIS” stuff was legally “THEIRS” and we watched with glee as he was forced to compromise.

They spent most of the half hour fighting over a Buddha head that they thought was worth thousands but nope, it was appraised at $800. HA! She left, smug and satisfied and ready to remarry another rich buffoon. He stomped off bitterly and swore never to marry again.

This week we have a less attractive couple, Jennifer and Golan. Golan is an unfortunate looking old man who wants everything. He doesn’t know why or what it is, he just DOES. Both had great businesses until he moronically destroyed his. She still has hers. He wants to sit by the pool and be as active as a plant. Plus they have tons of gorgeous things to fight over.

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10 comments on “Untying the Knot Episode 2 Minicap: Passport for Divorce

  1. Heather Keet says:

    I like the technique you deployed to pull us into the full recap.

    What’s his past? How is it coming back to haunt him? Will there be any happiness in his life, ever again?!?!

    Dun, dun, dun…….

    Beautiful! I will definitely be back for the full recap!

  2. Floshizzle says:

    Thanks Heather Keet! I’m glad you liked it and the full one will be out soon. Until then…..

  3. itchy itchy says:

    Ugh. I got sucked into watching this shitfest. At least last week’s episode had that duckface gal to look at. Although I liked the guy this week, all those weird smiles of his.

    Still, the best thing I can say about this show is it’s only half an hour long.

    I kind of like the greasy twins, even though they clearly signed on in the hope of getting their own show.

    I also like how stupid these people are — the woman accepted a passport as collateral for a $250,000 loan? Uh-huh.

    Speaking of which, SHE’s not telling the whole truth there. I think what happened is she siphoned off cash from hubby’s business to keep her own boss (and job) afloat. And her boss was giving her collateral of a different kind.

  4. churble says:

    Not just took a passport as collateral for a $250,000 loan, but did so without consulting an appraiser to make sure that’s a good deal. I have a feeling their financial issues have less to do with him loving the couch and more to do with really really terrible decision making.

  5. Floshizzle says:

    itchy I didn’t like the guy at all. I will admit it, normally I will side with the female. I own it. I will work on my objectivity skills. I guess because I’ve known too many snakey men, with the exception of Mr. Floshizzle and all of the fabulous men of the Trash Talk TV family. What got me is when they got into the topic of his cheating and he was laughing it off. I do realize he did not want to crack onTV(and unfortunately their are men who do want to have a boo hoo fest for the viewers) There were so many things you could tell they were not talking about! So much hidden, so much to be discovered….why did you like this man!?!! Yeh she’s dumb admit it it makes you feel good. They brag brag brag on these shows and then bam! They eff up more than most of us and we feel better (well I do)

    Did you feel like Vikki was fair?

  6. Floshizzle says:

    See to me she was so mumsy and lifeless I can’t picture her walking a mile, much less doing anything else that involved movement. Yeah the situation was exhausting but still. That would make sense on the entire passport/loan deal. Lust clouded her judgement. Or she is just a dummy and inferior to the rest us hahaha

  7. Floshizzle says:

    churble do you think the bad financial decisions were made on both ends? I totally felt like he either didn’t give a flying f$$k or he was overdoing it so we wouldn’t see how much he really did care. No middle ground. Plus he pissed me off so much with his reaction to his cheating. He did seem upset at times but then he would smile and joke. Repressed? What do you think of Vikki so far? Haha those brothers need to lay off the Dippity Doo hair cream

  8. itchy itchy says:

    I’m not saying I “like” the guy, only that I enjoyed watching him — and that insane little weasly smile of his.

    And yeah, if I have a problem with this show, it’s that they’re trying to squeeze too much into the 20 minutes they have. Not that these awful people deserve to have more than that. But still, it’s clear that they’re all desperate to keep most of their shit-stained laundry hidden.

  9. Floshizzle says:

    itchy that’s what got me this episode. There were so many things you could tell were hidden, some great dirt, but the short time period didn’t give us enough time to get to it. I wonder if Golan is working now or somewhere snorting money up his nose. Regardless some delicious deep, dark secrets are still out there…

  10. churble says:

    Oh the poor decision making is definitely on both sides. She said “give my boss lots of money, here’s a passport, it’s totally a fair trade and he’ll for sure pay you back, obviously the business is doing super well, otherwise we wouldn’t need to borrow all your money” and he said “seems legit, no need to verify any of what you’re saying”.

    I think the joking and smiling and pretending nothing is wrong was just the only option he had other than full-on rage mode. Because you’d see him get angry and “you get nothing” and then it’s like he’d remember people can see him and then it was no big deal.

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