Bad Girls Club Recap: Seeing Redd

You my girl, Blu!


Seriously, you guys, I think that Blu just became my favorite Bad Girl of all Time. I’m not into the “Save a ho” mentality – but damn, if Blu didn’t just save a ho! Look, Aysia didn’t do anything to deserve the animosity of any of the bitches in the house. As a matter of fact, I am still given Loren the side eye about her issues with Aysia.

In our last discussion, Loren was all pissed off because she told Aysia that Jada would probably be the next person to leave the house, and in a moment of drunken anger, Aysia told Jada that everyone thought she would be the next to go. Loren was extra because she knew she was the one who said it, and even though Aysia didn’t tell Jada who said what, Loren wasn’t sure she could trust Aysia. Even though I think that Loren said it because she wanted Jada to know, I could kind of understand her being bothered by it. But, I don’t get the hate from Redd and Britt.

Anyway, we start back with Jada talking about how Loren believes it was Aysia who put the X on her picture and how Aysia should have defended herself during the house meeting instead of walking away.

This is crazy because Aysia is being called out for doing the mature thing and simply walking away. Jada thinks that Aysia missed her opportunity with the other girls and now she has made herself into a target. It’s so ridiculous that I just want to line all of them up and slap them one by one with a dildo. Except Blu!

Blu calls her mom to tell her about this ridiculous drama and how one girl is being targeted. She also says that she thinks that Redd’s hatred is all an act for attention. And she nails exactly what I said in episode 2 or 3. Redd has an audience so she is acting extra. She also confides to us that she went through a bullying phase. And I appreciate that because, all we hear now is how someone was a victim of bullying, but rarely do people ever admit that they were once the bully. She says that she never physically bullied anyone but she was always with the popular crowd and looking down on those who didn’t have it as good as she did. Blu seems to have way too much self-awareness to be on this show.

She goes and cuddles with Aysia and Aysia is just happy that Blu has her back.


Downstairs, Alex opens the door to find a heart shaped box. She takes it inside and opens it and the girls find out that they are going to Lake Geneva for a weekend. They are excited to get out of the house for a little while.


Of course they go in separate cars. The Fab 4 (not for long) in one car and the other three in the other. I love how Blu keeps her cool and doesn’t let those bitches have an effect on how she conducts her friendships. Because all Britt, Loren, and Redd do is talk shit about Aysia and Jada. Think about this for a second. Alyssa, who goes by Redd, is claiming that Jada is fake because they don’t even know her real name. It turns out that Jada is her middle name and her first name is Angela. So, Jada is in fact her real name in that it is legal and is on her birth certificate. But, Redd is not anyone’s real name.


Since Alex, Aysia and Jada arrive at the house first, they choose their beds. Turns out there aren’t enough beds for everyone and some people will have to sleep on the couch. Britt’s unnecessary ass says something about how Aysia should have to sleep on the couch because she is a replacement. Redd, Britt, and Loren get on Blu’s case about her wanting to sleep wherever Aysia is sleeping. Redd even goes so far as to hog (no pun intended) the covers, so that Blu and Aysia have to sleep without them.


And Loren, realizing that Blu is not going to back down, decides that she doesn’t want any drama so she is just going to be calm and not start anything with anyone. It’s the smartest thing she has said in 5 episodes. I still don’t like her though.

They get changed in their bathing suits and head out to ride jet skis. Redd is total killjoy throughout the entire trip. First she doesn’t want to ride the jet skis and makes jokes about how she would rather go to a buffet. We get it Redd. You are fat. But, guess what? Your name is not Tanisha and your self-inflicted fat jokes are not winning anyone over.


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like Tanisha on her season, but she at least had moments where she was really funny – remember when she fell and all yelling, “Pimp down!” or, when she was debating whether or not to eat a piece of candy she found behind the couch? That was endearing and funny. Redd is not either of those things.

The rest of the girls have a great time. They get ready for dinner at The Baker House, which is a 1920’s themed restaurant. Since everyone is at the table and Redd has an audience she decides she is going to call Jada by her first name, Angela. Jada asks them not to call her by that name, because she doesn’t go by it.




Redd tries to put her on the spot by saying that if she won’t tell them why she doesn’t use that name, then they are just going to keep calling her Angie. Jada confides to us that she associates that name with some horrible childhood trauma involving the man who raised her and that is why she doesn’t use it. There is some major real deal shit going on with these girls y’all.

Everyone is over Redd by this point. Blu has been over her for a while, but now Loren and Britt are starting to see it too. See, Loren has already said that she just wants a drama free fun weekend. She doesn’t care who it is starting the drama, she just doesn’t want to hear it. So, Redd keeps going in on Jada, and Jada isn’t backing down.

The two get into a fight. And that pretty much does it for Britt and Loren. They are looking at just the difference in size alone and know that it was unnecessary. What on earth would it prove that Redd beat up Jada? What is hilarious though is that Redd’s dumb ass is also fighting the body guards who are trying to keep her away from Jada.


It’s all so extra that even Redd’s friends know that it is just an act and finally figure out that Redd is just a bully in a big girl’s body.

The next morning, Redd makes a point of separating herself from everyone and hanging out by herself outside, within plain view of them. Blu immediately sees it for what it is. It’s the same tactic Shanay-nay tried to use last season when she wanted people to ask her what is wrong. It’s the classic middle-school girl ploy for attention. Blu makes sure that Britt and Loren are aware that as long as Redd has no audience she can’t perform.

This part of the trip is a team building exercise. They go to OWL (Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership program). I’ve never done OWL specifically, but I have done a lot of these types of trust/team building exercises in my life. I happen to think that they are a lot of fun and it’s amazing how quickly petty shit gets dropped by the wayside in order to get things accomplished. So, I thought this was actually a good idea for them if they really are there learn and improve their behavior.

It’s nice to see them working together. Even the girls that don’t like each other are cheering each other on. Except Redd. She has separated herself from everyone and refuses to participate in the majority of the exercises. She is using her weight as an excuse. Britt says – to us not Redd – that Redd is always talking about how proud she is of her size but she uses it as an excuse every time she doesn’t want to do something.


The thing that really infuriated me was the climbing exercise. They finally convince Redd to do it and she doesn’t go all the way to the top but still gets cheers for going as far as she did. But, when she is safely on the ground and they all have to hold the rope for Aysia, Redd refuses. Keep in mind that Redd has no legitimate reason to dislike Aysia. Even Loren is like “I might not like the girl but I’m not going to risk her life.”


Redd sucks at life you guys!

They get back to the house and Redd is still shit talking about Jada and how she is going to kick her ass when they get back to Chicago. It’s actually kind of hilarious because she is basically talking to herself as no one is engaging her. Usually, Britt and Loren would be laughing along and hyping her up. Since they are now totally over her, they just kind roll their eyes or keep walking without saying anything.


Redd finally starts to notice that no one is feeling her ridiculousness and says that she might need to distance herself because people aren’t what she thought.

You guys? You know what is truly hilarious? Redd is so desperate for someone to talk to her that she is talking to Alex. Alex is just outside smoking trying really hard not to truly engage because she can tell that Redd is crazy. And it happens multiple times. Alex will be outside smoking and Redd is right there in her ear. It’s funny because we know that Redd hates Alex (also for no real reason), but no one else will listen to her.


So, when they all get back to Chicago, Britt decides that she is going to make it clear to the viewers, I mean Aysia that she is NOT a bully. She asks if she can talk to Aysia outside and the two sit down. Apparently, Aysia had tried to take Britt aside earlier and talk to her one on one.

Britt was still under the spell of Redd and Loren and decided that she just didn’t feel like talking to her. Now, she doesn’t want to be portrayed as a bully and wants to make amends. She doesn’t quite pull it off though. She starts with “I still don’t like you,” WHY? Give me one reason WHY you don’t like her and maybe I could understand your useless ass.


Anyway, she says that even though she still doesn’t like Aysia, she is not a bully and is not going to do anything to start or create drama with her. Aysia gets that the rest of the house is starting to see what a ridiculous over the top shit stirrer Redd is. She decides that maybe Loren has had enough time to come to her senses as well. So, she goes to talk to Loren. Loren says that she respects that Aysia came to her one on one; which is stupid because Aysia came to her one on one after the Jada incident and was up front and apologetic. Loren just didn’t want to forgive her. And she hasn’t forgiven her now either. She says that while she respects that Aysia came to her, she still thinks she is a messy person who can’t keep her mouth shut.


Later that evening (?), Redd is on the phone with a friend of hers. Aysia walks by the room as someone (I think it’s Britt) yells, “Is someone on the phone?” Aysia yells back, “Yes, someone is on the phone.” Redd’s petty ass takes this as an insult. She starts yelling that her name is Redd and Aysia knows that and should have said “Redd is on the phone.”


She tries to start some more trash talking with the other girls but they are so over it. She says that she has a stomach ache but is going to fight Aysia over this insult. She keeps saying she is going to pop her and Aysia says, “do it now.” Redd can’t take being challenged and starts yelling again, but keeps saying that as soon as her stomach is feeling better, Aysia is in for it.

Aysia is glad that she stood up for herself. The other girls are making fun of Redd. Britt gives Redd the side eye, saying “your stomach hurts? Which one?” But Blu scores the line of the night saying, “let this Pepto Bismal start working and then, you’re going to get it.”



Blu, Britt, and Loren are clowning Redd hard in the confessional. They are no longer the Fab 4. They are now calling themselves the Triple Threats. I just want them to stop with the stupid nicknames and cliques. But, at least Redd is no longer calling any shots – so it’s not all bad.

So, what did you guys think of this episode? Do you think Loren and Britt will start to think for themselves now that they see through Redd? Tell me all about it in the comments.