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Sister Wives Recap: Adult Education | TrashTalkTV

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Sister Wives Recap: Adult Education

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What’s that behind her?  Oh yeah – the fires of hell.

Howdy, Trashmii!  I just know you’ve been wondering, “Hey, what’s up with that lovably wacky Kody Brown family?  I sure hope TLC airs another season of that must-see Sister Wives show!”  Well, wonder no more.  TLC has decided to inflict them on us for yet another season!  Why?  It’s TLC.  You know, the Learning channel . . . I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve all learned a lot from Sister Wives:  the Browns are doofusii, and polygamy is dead boring.  We all get an A!

Lets get into our ep, shall we?  We open with a recap of what seems to be half the footage from last season.    Then – finally! – a new open.  It’s all saturated colors now, I guess to reflect their big-city-slicker lifestyle.  Groovy.

It’s Dayton and Meri’s birthdays.  Well, not really.  Kody’s cooking steaks today, although their birthdays are tomorrow.  Kody’s taking the Queen Mother out on the actual birthday.  To hell with the son with Asperger’s, Her Maj needs to be coddled!  After all, he’s not her kid.

The adults meet to discuss MSWC.  They need to grow the business!  They need new ideas all the time!  Or, perhaps, any ideas?  Meri says she wants to expand the business (remember that for later), and Robyn says she has a plan to have brick and mortar stores within 5 years.  Know what I see them doing in 5 years?  Going to bankruptcy court, getting foreclosed, and sneaking back into Utah.  Wanna bet my dream comes true before Robyn’s does?

Kody says he’s meeting with “Stan” to discuss making a presentation to investors.  Investors?  Does he really think KKR or Warren Buffett are going to snap up this outstanding investment opportunity?  I’m so glad to see Kody is just as clueless and deluded as ever.  Never change, pal.  Never change.

Christine wants to expand MSWC to include “clothing, kitchen, housewares”.  Cause no one else has ever thought of that, like say . . .


We go to Kody at Robyn’s house.  The next night he’ll be with the Queen Mum, then Christine, then Janelle for their anniversary.  Hey, good thing they’ve got that compound, Action Man can just dash from one shagging appointment to the next.  Since he’s 45 now, I wonder if he’s doing Viagra.  I’m not sure any guy in his mid-40s could be that active.  Especially when one of his partners is the Queen Mum.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.26.00I’ll get back at you one day, “Mom” Meri.


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.29.44BTW, just how bad is the mosquito infestation in Robyn’s house, anyway?


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9 comments on “Sister Wives Recap: Adult Education

  1. Merry says:

    Well, good to know these are the same lazy, selfish, dumb Browns we’ve come to know and loathe. SO kind of TLC to not bother with anything novel or original that might require viewers to expend brain power or compassion. At least there are good recaps. :)

    In all this grossness, the most terrifying thing is the specter of Kate Gosselin returning to haunt our TV screens! That hair…she looks like a bad caricature of of Heidi Pratt. (Tragically, that may be her goal.) Katie dear, you’re not charming, interesting, twenty-something, or a good mother, so stop pretending and go away before your children die of embarrassment.

  2. Eye Dios Mio says:

    Someone please explain to me how kissing someone is like cheating on your husband when this tool is literally banging a household full of women? How could sex POSSIBLY be precious when you’re sticking it in everywhere?

  3. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    When Kody and Janelle were talking about how they’ve upped their romance game, I said to myself, “Gee – wonder when Robyn announces she’s pregnant or that she wants another baby?” And boy did I call that one or what? She can’t stand to not have all the attention heaped on her.

  4. nettaboo says:

    In the first season Christine made a big deal that Kody kissed Robyn before they were married. She said she didn’t cause, she would be kissing someone else’s husband or something like that. In any case Kody courted and kissed Robyn prior to marrying her, while one of his wives was at home pregnant.

  5. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Well, that’s just fine dontchaknow? They aren’t hormone riddled teenagers! They don’t have any hormones to spare that try to escape out of their mouths.

  6. TN Gal says:

    If I remember my Bible learnin’ correctly, Solomon was the favorite son of the favorite wife of King David. Way to shade the other kiddos and wives, Robyn.

  7. Stevie W. says:

    Honestly I have never watched a minute of this show but I enjoy the recaps and photo captions so much! The KG interludes on this one are priceless and now I am convinced more than ever she doing a TLC executive because she is pure evil in human form.

  8. nettaboo says:

    It just occurred to me that Robyn’s sister actually lives with Robyn and her children. How much help can she possibly need with the business if in addition to having 5 or 6 teenagers around that can babysit, she also has her sister living with her full time.

  9. notwithoutmyTV says:

    Remember, The Sith Lord Kate Gosselin only has the power we give her.

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