Minicap: Sister Wives

CaptureNow, kids, you need to know that something happens when people kiss.  The scientific term is “cooties”.

Howdy, Trashmii!  TLC apparently has nothing better to put on, so Sister Wives is back.  And so am I because this show is a recapper’s dream!  Also, I love my Trashmii!

In this ep, there were birthdays, an anniversary, a fight about a house which I am sure will lead to another wet bar discussion down the road, and a visit to a venture capitalist, for which the Browns were predictably completely unprepared.  In other words, just like every other season.

In other developments, renowned microbiologist Kody Brown gives an important science lesson to the kids – hell, to America.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson, watch out!  I know who the host of Cosmos 2 will be – spoiler alert, it won’t be you!


That’s perfectly understandable.  My scientific knowledge pales in comparison to Kody’s.  Seth, Kody’s your man from now on!

How’s the Queen Mother, you ask?  Being her usual super-selfish and bitchy self!  Of course.  Oh, and she’s now got a “dream” that will result in her doing absolutely nothing for the other wives – or the kids – or earning any money for the huge mortgage on her empty house – for years to come.  It’s all wrapped up in psychobabble about “finding myself”, bien sur.

We end with Robyn starting to spiral into despair over MSWC.  Running that 2-bit website is a full-time job!  She needs help!  Honey, you have help.  It’s called all those freaking kids.  Some of them should be pulling their own weight!

Join me back here soon for the full recap, won’t you?  See you then!

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