Comment Showcase Winners


Good morning Trash Talkers, and a happy Monday. We all know what Monday means, other than sitting at desks wishing we were somewhere else. Somewhere fun. Somewhere we could listen to podcasts without getting busted.

But at least the winning comments are here and you can even turn the volume up ’cause we don’t make noise. Sorta stealth TTTV.

We have a tie for the New Ronnie:

Chicken Lips on Marry Harry: OK, so maybe we are all judging Maggie a little too harshly. After seeing her eat that oyster, you know anyone that makes a face having a slimy mess in her mouth clearly isn’t the kind of skank we are assuming she is…

And my sincerest apologies to TN Gal. I swear that “H” still looks like an “N” when I look at it. Time to go to Wally-Mart and get some of those fabulously chik reading glasses. But congratulations on the win:

TH Gal on RHONY Dogs: Miss Andy missed a great opportunity for a cross-over with Phabulous Phunerals by Phaedra conducting Millou’s Magnificent Memorial Memory-service. At least Sexy J had champs and didn’t look like she was scattering ashes at Broke by Sheree’s Hole-in-the-Ground Chateau. When I die, you Trashmii had best memorialize me by dressing in your most very best booze-stained wife beater shirt, whilst sitting in front of the most trash-tastic show you can find with a crate of Little Debbie’s and a box of wine. I’ll save y’all a seat at the bar!

For the Lucci we have a long-time favorite:

notwithoutmytv on RHONY Dogs: Fellow Trashmeisters, when I die, please mix my ashes into some boiling tar, a little more into some feathers, and then go to town on Andy Cohen. I’ll send you blessings from whatever Hereafter I find myself in.

And for the Bonaduce we have quite the crowd:

Sheesh to Aunt Dorsey on Comment Showcase Winners: How DARE they say we pretend to be assholes! You just can’t fake this kind fuckery. Dubins…the lot of them are Dubins, I say.

Itchy on Marry Harry Crown: Maggie is frightening. I keep expecting a Muppet to pop out and start singing: “One of these things is not like the other…”

Hatched One on Marry Harry Crown: ” When I re-watched she actually says “I’M HUMAN!!!” bahahahahaha. MisRed needs sub-titles.” Oh, MisRed, you don’t need subtitles, you just don’t speak “Drunk”. I’ll admit, I’m not as fluent as I used to be, but it’s like riding a bike – it all comes back to you.


Aunt Dorsey on Marry Harry Crown: Hands down, Maggie is my favorite filly in this race. She’s channeling some fierce Tan Mom — the pre-cirrhosis years. Pass that woman some more sea “urchents” and another flagon of wine.

That Harry fiasco genders a whole lotta comments, doesn’t it? I can’t believe it lasted past the first epi, but it’s fun to read the recaps.

Congratulations to all our winners, and if you didn’t see your treasured comment this week, snark on, Trashmii, snark on.