Catfish Recap: Fan Fiction Fo’ Life

Guys, don’t mess with Tracie Thoms. Even if you are just a huge theater nerd and “most zealous” fan. Don’t. Do. It. Maybe that was obvious before this episode of Catfish, but I had never really thought about it. This week she exposes her fan for lying and promotes some film or show that I have never heard of before tonight. RAZE. I think it’s about rape in a maze or something. From her own investigation, Tracie already knew that her super fan Sammie had messed with her online as well as created and killed off a friend “Reese” for attention. But that didn’t stop Tracie from reaching out to Nev and Max to get to the bottom of Sammie’s story telling! That’s our episode in a nutshell tonight.

tracie thoms catfish season 3 whos funeral was that-OptimizedStars, they get Catfished just like us!

So this wasn’t your usual are-they-woman or are-they-man episode of Catfish. I am getting sort of used to that as Season 3 has yet to deliver the gender deceptions (or explorations) of previous seasons. But anyway we know that Sammie was a Tracie Thoms super fan somewhere out in the internets. When the guys do talk to Tracie she tells them about what a good job Sammie did promoting her work by creating silly videos and social networking the bejeebus out of her projects. After Sammie killed her friend Reese though, Tracie called her out and Sammie vanished into internet oblivion (aka stopped responding to her tweets). Nev and Max need to do SOME investigatin’ to check off on their “Catfish Episode To Do List” so we watch them learn more information about Sammie by Googling her already known name and number. So what do they find? First, Sammie has been pursuing other stars in a sort of inappropriate obsessive fashion. This is important because it leads them to the best discovery of MY lifetime, Glee Project Fan Fiction. More about that later. Second, Sammie is still following Tracie under her new Twitter account. And third, from the all-knowing Facebook account, are Sammie’s personal life details including that she has a son, she’s (GASP!) a lesbian, and in her words, “bonus trivia, both my parents are deaf”.  Ladies and gents, that’s what they call a triple threat! Maybe not, but it is definitely a triple-somethin’. Also, Sammie appears to be a serious Liz Gillies fan but MTV tried super hard to blur Gillies (read: not that hard). It’s another actress/singer that appears to be right up Sammie’s alley. Liz Gillies didn’t seem to know that she would be on Catfish and even tweeted about it when the episode was airing Wednesday night. Anyway, back to the show. So the guys take this investigation on the road, still in LA, to meet up with another star that Sammie has been…fanning over. If you didn’t recognize Tracie Thoms, then this next “famous” person will really throw you for a loop. It is Marissa Von Bleicken??  She was a contender on the first season of The Glee Project. Yup, that’s her entire claim to fame. The guys call Marissa, who is also in LA, to meet up and talk about Sammie. Marissa shows up with everything creepy Sammie has sent in her in the past, from poems to love stories and notes that say Sammie “loves hard” and “doesn’t let go”.

season 3 catfish marissa heart sammie tracie thoms-Optimized Jackpot

Sammie was writing Glee Project Fan Fiction and sharing it with the world. Ok so apparently Glee Project Fan Fiction is a thing? The Glee Project is sorta like fan fiction of the show Glee to begin with so this is really digging deep into the sad world of theater kids. And I love the world of theater kids. But you have to admit that Glee Project Fan Fiction infers a whole lot of crazy and imagination mixed together. I had to Google the shit out of this topic to understand what is going on behind closed doors of the internet when it comes to Glee Project Fan Fiction. TL;DL (yes I did) there is a lot of Samuel (the kid that won and appeared on Glee with dreadlocks) and Marissa love fan fiction. I think Sammie wrote such love fan fiction and even sent it to Marissa. Just creepy. Not illegal. If I wrote Catfish Fan Fiction, which I think is the next step after recapping so I can’t really judge, it would be a crossover with Nev and Max on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER. Max lost his GoPro Camera… Well, if you’ve seen Sex Sent Me to the ER then you know where he lost his camera. Obviously they would be played by the HGTV Property Brothers in the reenactments. Jonathan is clearly the Max. See, it’s easy to get weird FAST with fan fiction.

max catfish season 3 tracie thoms-OptimizedThey’re asking for it!

Finally we have the travel montage (hipster music this time!) on the way to meet Sammie. The girl lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. This town is a stark contrast to LA and looks awful.  Like really bad, and we have seen some shitty towns on this show.  Wiki says the changed its name from  Athensville to Adrmore in the 1800s. Not a good sign. Should have changed it to ArdLESS if you ask me. The town is even sadder than that joke.  So like really sad. And for some reason, Tracie Thoms has agreed to go to Pennsylvania to talk to this girl face to face. They agreed to meet at some random downtown intersection to make this more sketchy. Sammie comes from around the corner and makes a super FAN FACE the minute she sees Tracie.

catfish season 3 tracie thoms meeting sammie-OptimizedHi Tracie, I love you!

She seems really sweet and admits what she has done. Max and Nev aren’t really ready to deal with this so Nev just brings up the fact she’s a lesbian and all these people that she’s a fan of are FEMALES. Sammie is just like, yea duh so? The heart letter was pretty flirty but Tracie never said Sammie did anything that was too Single White Female. I mean, killing a fake friend is bad and weird but she probably didn’t think she’d get called out in person by TRACIE THOMS. During the final sit down Tracie, Nev and Max reassure Sammie that she has great story telling skills, and with a son, two deaf parents and a taste for the ladies she doesn’t even need to lie. The end! Want more TrashTalk? Follow us on Twitter for updates of recaps as they publish, like us on Facebook for a daily update, watch our TV parody vids on YouTube, or for funny TV pics, heart us on Instagram and follow our TV parody boards on Pinterest!