MiniCap: Penny Dreadful

Minicap mina and vanessa 1-5

Welcome, Trashmii, to the All Vanessa Hour where we learn a lot more about just exactly how batshit crazy she is. And boy howdy is she batshit crazy.

We begin with present-day Vanessa writing a letter to Mina saying she’ll never stop writing until they find her and we almost immediately flash back to when they were lovely little English school girls frolicking on the beach. We meet Peter and learn that the Iveses were neighbors to the Murrays and they were just two happy rich British families.

Until they weren’t because the Ives women, in addition to being Catholic, were also kind of lusty gals and since men never have to pay for their infidelities, it always falls on the women to bear the brunt of the shame and humiliation. Especially Vanessa. Although, to be honest, she was kind of a bitch about it.

So, yeah, Vanessa. Things really start spiraling out of control for her pretty quickly after her dalliance in the taxidermy room. I’ll explain THAT in the recap. She starts having seizures and visions of some demon but because she’s Catholic she tries to pray it away, which only upsets her parents that much more so they take her to a doctor who recommends hopping her up on narcotics and dousing her in ice water whenever possible to quell her episodes. She’s none to thrilled about it but doesn’t really have a choice after she tries to kill the doctor.

Minicap eva green looks rough 1-5

It goes downhill from there. Eventually she’s completely broken, and bald, so they ship her back to her parents who just kind of sit around pitying themselves for having such a loon for a daughter until Peter comes to visit because he’s going to Africa and wants to say goodbye. This brings Vanessa out of her catatonia to warn him that he’s going to die in Africa (SPOILER!) and then go all Regan in The Exorcist. This, for some reason, has an adverse effect on her mother.

Which circles us back to just before we first met everyone in the series premiere. Vanessa has a vision of Mina which drives her back to see Sir Malcolm. He’s quite the asshole about it but Vanessa’s not a little girl anymore so she unleashes a touch of her crazy on him. She’s about to leave, and they clearly still loathe each other, but they agree to work together to find Mina.

Full recap will be up in a few days. Until then, you can catch up on last week’s recap here.

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