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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Auditions. | TrashTalkTV

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Auditions.

Yes Trashmi, it’s that time again! The school year is over (or ending if you go to one of those schools that go to mid-June), recitals are happening, temperatures are rising,

And this guy is perving over young girls with no fear of landing on the local sex offender list.

So dust off those jazz shoes, fluff that tutu, and get some pep in your step because So You Think You Dance season 11 is about to begin!

Uh……it began last week ya know.

Oh, Cat. I thought we were friends.

Yes, Trashmi, before we go any further it seems that I owe you an apology for missing last week’s debut. I forgot it was on then remembered then forgot again then got bad family news about my grandfather and went into a bit of a funk. By the time I pulled out of the funk it was pretty much time for the new episode, so I decided to combine both into one recap. Thankfully it’s the auditions so we all know it’ll be full of a bunch of crap we could care less about.

Exhibit A

UGH. Be prepared for my yearly ranting about bullshit we don’t need to see! I know how you look forward to it.

Alright. This recap ain’t gonna write itself so let’s dive into the Easy part of auditions. That is The Big Easy, New Orleans……

Joining Mary and Nigel in NOLA is Wayne Brady. He’s been an enthusiastic judge in the past and I happen to like the guy so I won’t complain about him being here. Unless he does something to piss me off. But for now I’m happy to see him.

Right back atcha!

Awwwwww…..Wayne…….you’re so sweet.

You all remember how the auditions work, right? Bad dancers get the boot, good dancers get choreography, and great dancers get a ticket to Vegas. Well, not Vegas anymore. Apparently they’re going to California for the “Vegas” round now.

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18 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Auditions.

  1. No, I'm just glad to see you says:

    I like watching the dancers in the auditions but the sheer volume of them wears me down. So when Nigel sidetracks us with a contestant’s Aunt Muriel who used to dance for the doughboys in WWI, I start to lose my stuff. I try hard to remember the dancers and the personal stories but by the next week the new crop has flushed my brain and wired in their stories. Fortunately, if a story is compelling Nigel will beat us to death with it depending on which dancer he has decided to schill for this year. I loved the puppet guy. Fresh, unique, incredible movements. Some of these dancers are so special so it begs the question, why won’t they take other dance classes and prepare themselves for survival in this competition? Every year we see them go to choreography just to be shown how ill equipped for the show they are. It’s maddening and time wasting for all of us. Their talent should be showcased and not be just a one shot thing. Expand your craft, people! Thanks for the recap and I am very sorry to hear that you have had bad news in your family. Hope things get better.

  2. vallegirl says:

    Late or not … I’m just glad you’re back to recapping this, PM. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Sorry you got bad news, though. Hope your doing better.

    I actually liked Trevor. I was ready to hate him because he seemed quite full of himself but then he mentioned that he also had ballet training so I knew it wouldn’t be a total waste. Plus, he did that jaunty little Gene Kelly move before he started his solo so I was dubious but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And I loved his audition so I’m willing to chalk up his annoying intro package to production more than him.

    And when Christina compared Sebastian to Chehon I thought “Eh … not so much.” Yes, he did a lot of leaps but they didn’t really have the impact that Chehon’s had. He practically flew. And speaking of Chehon, I decided to google what he’s doing now and found this video he shot for a show Cole just finished. So it seems he’s multi-talented.

  3. Lizbot says:

    Yay! You’re back! I was getting worried that a) you would not be recapping this year and b) that no one would be recapping this year. Although, I’m not sure that an SYTYCD recap without Pottymouth would have been worth it anyway.

    I really really wish that Nigel would get out of his own head and recognize that he’s shit at most of the “innovations” he brings to this show. Bringing on the aging starlets as judges? Nope! You can claim that Jenna Elfman is a former ballerina all you want, I still don’t want to hear her flapping her lips on this program. She was driving me crazy with all the “sage” platitudes she was doling out. I usually like Christina Applegate, but I hate her on this show. And something about her wide-eyed stares of wonderment — I don’t know, it may be genuine amazement but… I don’t mind Wayne Brady too much because he is an entertainer who uses song and dance in his performances. yes, Christina does broadway, but she’s not really “broadway” she’s more “celebrity doing broadway”. As for Jesse Ferguson — I know if I were being consistent I would hate him being on the show as well. But I just love him, so he can stay!

    But seriously, Nigel? For the love of all things good and holy, wth are you putting Justin Bieber on my screen? Justin Bieber doesn’t even want to be on my screen! (Have you noticed those snotty, bored, “I’m too good for this” looks he keeps shooting the camera?). Is this part of his community service or something? Even my teenage nieces have given up their love for Justin Bieber now that they (finally!) realize what a twatty entitled douchebag he is. (On a sidenote: Americans, please don’t bother restarting that petition about sending Justin Bieber back to Canada. We don’t want him back either. Y’all made him what he is now, so you get to keep him! Blame Usher).

    As for the dancers, the cocky kid from the first episode is very very good — but I’m pretty sure he’s going to annoy the hell out of me if he keeps up the cockiness and I’ll want to see him go just for that. The girl who grew up in foster care — love her style and she’s got skills! Hope she goes far. But I bet Nigel turns on her and doesn’t let her make it to the end. I get the sense that she’s not his cup of tea (and you know what sense I mean that in). I’m very happy that Jaja is on the show. A great girl hiphopper? Fabulous. Especially in a season that’s looking like it’s going to be more stacked with contempo-girls than usual. I also really liked Justine Lutz and Dani Platz.

    I hope whatever is going on with your family gets better, Potty. And don’t worry if the recaps are late — they’re worth the wait!

  4. WishICouldDance says:

    Yay!! Summer can officially begin now that Dancing with PottyMouth has returned – I cannot express my relief and gratitude that both are back! Well… He-who-makes-me-gag is doing his best to dim my excitement – not Nigel, although I do TOTALLY blame him!

    I was right there with you on the first sob-story of the season (ugh! Here we go!) but was pleasantly surprised! She wasn’t overly Pitiful-Pearl just, here’s the deal and now I’ll dance. Ok then!

    I feel like such a hateful bitch but am gonna say it anyway. The kid, Caleb, just doesn’t do it for me and the whole deal with him felt like a pity date. His style makes me think of Evan (season 5) just… Not as polished, refined or engaging. But hey, what do I know?

    Thanks to Aaron, last season, I am willing to give tap dancers the benefit of the doubt – he was so versatile and a pleasure to watch – but the girl this year didn’t really grab me. I have to assume its early in the process and there are tons more auditions to come so maybe she won’t be the default tap dancer in the Top 20.

    My new mode of watching is to DVR and start late – I can forward through HIM and find out if I missed anything thanks to PM!! Yay!! We all owe you for saving us from the torture!!

    It really is great having you back!! Hope the family stuff settles down and no hard feelings on my part for the combined recap. Like others have said, I’m just glad you’re back!!!

  5. wcsdancer says:

    So glad you’re recapping, PM! Hope your family situation improves soon.

    The married couple that auditioned were beautiful dancers, but they had a married ballet couple on a few seasons ago…Ryan and I forget her name. I remember them being annoying. I will say, I’d like to see more than just contemporary girls with a few hip hop guys thrown in.

    Glad to see you, some dancers do attempt to cross train. I know that Benji from S2 talked about taking various classes to prepare. He mentioned that one woman teacher was really brutal (he didn’t name her but I’m sure it was Mia Michaels) but that only made him work harder.

    I’m with you all in the “WTF – Bieber?!!” club. Ugh.

  6. No, I'm just glad to see you says:

    I’m positive it was Mia Michaels. She is a brilliant choreographer but a stone cold bitch. I remember clearly how she tried to push Travis for the win and commented endlessly to Benji and Heidi how “limited” they were in attempts to sway public opinion against them. She’s a condescending, pretentious, purist and I hope she won’t be a judge this season.

  7. blazergirl says:

    So glad you are back PM! I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode and did not agree with the assertion of Nigel saying that kid was one of the best auditions better. Really liked the second episode however. As an avid America’s Best Dance Crew fan, I was thrilled to see Jaja! Makes me wonder about Emilio (also in her crew IaMe from ABDC) who made the top 20 for SYTCD last year but got injured (and replaced by Aaron Turner). I was hoping to see him back this year.

    Also loved Marie Poppins. According to Christina Applegate’s twitter, the dance with FikShun was not planned, although I take that as not producer planned (as opposed to the battle with Cyrus, FikShun and Legacy, all of whom I loved seeing again). However FikShun used to be a Vegas street performer too so I wonder if he and Marie know each other and they planned it on their own.

    So happy the show is back!!!

  8. vallegirl says:

    I had the same thought about FikShun, that he knew Marie from Vegas and that his participation may not have been 100% planned, but by the way they worked together it seemed like they’re familiar with each other.

  9. vallegirl says:

    BTW, since I went down the YouTube rabbit hole, I also watched Chehon’s dance reel from 2011. Surprisingly, a couple of very familiar names show up.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVED Heidi and Benji! And you’re right, Mia is as harsh as being snogged by a rabid porcupine. My heart broke for Heidi when she was learning Mia’s routine with Travis. But, damn, Heidi was beyond amazing!:

  11. SororSalsa says:

    PM, so glad you’re back recapping SYTYCD! I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much without you and the TTTV commenters.

    That Trevor kid annoyed me. He’s good, but also not that original. If anyone was watching back in Season 5, Ade did a solo to the same song. I’m a bit more partial to him.

    That said, I loved Novien Yarber and was glad to see him back. I hope he makes it far. I wanted to hate Megan Marcano because of her back story, but I thought she was great. So glad to see JaJa and Marie Poppins (sp?), because I agree with PM…there are WAY to many contemporary girls that usually make the show. It would be good to see some variety.

  12. SororSalsa says:

    WCS, do you mean Ryan and Ashley DeLillo from Season 6? They were a ballroom couple and never should’ve made it to the Top 6, but yes, they were quite annoying.

  13. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    I was thinking that too. They seemed familiar with each other. If that haven’t met, there’s the chance they knew of each other.

  14. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    I didn’t want to punch fake Miley, but I did want to duct tape her mouth shut.

    I’m trying not to pick any favorites right now. I don’t want to be disappointed if they ended up being sent home.

    I’m sorry about your bad news. But I’m happy you’re recapping. This show is one of the highlights of my summer.

  15. blazergirl says:

    I figured they planned it and didn’t let the producers know. No matter what, it was awesome.

  16. Xouille says:

    Yay SYTYCD is back… and I didn’t know…
    Then again I’m not exactly a fan of (and by that I mean I loathe) the early audition process.
    Too much filler/bullshit and not enough (good) dancing… and most of these dancers will get cut in NotVegas anyway, the majority of them in the first two rounds.
    With that said…

    * Just when I thought I could deal with the sentient pile of bullshit that is Nigel Lythgoe, he invites Justin Fucking Bieber… to “present” a hiphop crew competition. Nice timing Nigel, I mean with the racist videos debacle still ongoing. Could you not have left that filler segment on the editing floor ? Seriously ?

    * Not impressed by the New Orleans dancers. I liked Megan and Novien and… that’s pretty much it.
    Trevor reminded of Teddy, who auditioned in the last two seasons, and I disliked Teddy a lot so I hope he also gets cut after the hiphop round.
    The ballroom couple had no chemistry… and the guy mugged so much that at some point I thought he was auditionning for the role of Stanley Ipkiss in a remake of The Mask.

    * The Chicago auditions were better. I liked Emily and Franchesca, even though she’s probably not gonna make it very far (Sonya will cream herself watching her dance though).
    The two “best friends” (yeah right) were good and you’re spot on when you say it’s gonna be between them for the last spot. Well, they’re gonna make them sweat a little and then “Psych, you’re both in the top 20, we’ve decided to cut a better dancer that got a lot less screen time than you two instead.”
    Oh and Caleb… you in danger girl ! He (involuntarily) Tyce Diorioed the jury, this is not gonna end well for him.

    * And they saved the best for last because a lot of the LA auditions were good.
    Unless she royally fucks up in NotVegas, Jessica is gonna be in the top 20. Sexy blond contemporary dancer… I hope Nigel will not make us hate this one too much.
    And I also hope the two hiphop girls make it.

  17. Scal says:

    YAY! You’re back!
    That thing with Fik-shun and the french girl was TOTALLY planned. They are both Las Vegas street performers after all. They totally know each other.

  18. wcsdancer says:

    SoroSalsa, it WAS Ashley & Ryan!

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