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Watch What Crappens Bravo Podcast #127: Broken Faces | TrashTalkTV

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Watch What Crappens Podcast #127: Broken Faces

Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TrashTalkTV) are back to talk about fat activism and fake cancer on Married to Medicine, NeNe getting the boot from Real Housewives of Atlanta (spoiler alert: lolbyebitch), Ramona losing her shiz on Real Housewives of New York, and turning against Heather on Real Housewives of Orange County. Come on in! We have air conditioning!

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Want more RonnieK? I’m currently producing weekly Survivor in 2 Minutes parody videos, and you can always check out the archives of the Watch What Crappens Bravo Podcast.


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8 comments on “Watch What Crappens Podcast #127: Broken Faces

  1. IsabellaYB says:

    Do you realize I have listened to all 127 episodes!!! Like others, I watch the RH shows in order to be prepared for your podcasts. Love you guys. xo

  2. RonnieK RonnieK says:

    You’ve listened to that many hours of this nonsense? Big hugs to you thanks for the comment and the listens!!

  3. steerstraight says:

    Guys I love you, listen to everything mulitple times, but I CAN’T with the impressions. Their voices are annoying enough without hearing more of them!!

  4. Steph says:

    God damn I am glad Ronnie is back. Yay!!

  5. RonnieK RonnieK says:

    Haha! How can you listen to us and hate impressions? We must be making you insane!!

  6. Lola del Rio says:

    I can’t even with all of the wives!

    But my boos validate all of my feels & all is good!

  7. Rose says:

    Ronnie welcome back doll

  8. PattiPrincess says:

    Love! WWC podcast and tvgasm and Bside blog. I have a confession to make after listening to this latest funny fun podcast, I recently unfriended you on Facebook. You mentioned hitting a Facebook “likes” number minutes after I unlinked you and cancelled my Facebook account. I feel terrible and wish I could give you a trillion gazillion “likes”. But I can’t cuz I’m not 5 years old.
    But, please, hear me out! I hate Facebook for myself, I was only on it briefly to find out if my crazy friend was telling the truth about Mark Wahlburg sending a private plane to bring her to Boston to date his weird,fat,tattooed,ex-convict,entouragey buddy. At first, while setting up the account, I thought, “sure, aunt x, aunt y, cousin stupid would be fun to follow as well!” It soon became a nightmare of the the most mind-numbing posts imaginable. I had to unlike everything to insure they never read my posts. If there is an opposite Facebook I would “like” you all day long. Creepy? Not as creepy my family’s FB posts!!!
    Also, thank you so much for your podcasts! I loooove my dog but walking him gets boring as hell. Your podcast has made walking him a healthy treat for both of us. You should add Dr. To your names since you are encouraging long walks for canines and humans. Much love for your talents.

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