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Welcome to Myrtle Manor Trailer Park Skank-Off | TrashTalkTV - Part 3

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Welcome to Myrtle Manor Trailer Park Skank-Off

i'm fed up roy
This is, pretty much, every day with these two

There is also Taylor and Jessica who are dating, but they aren’t in Season 2, so I won’t even elaborate other than to say they are bat sh*t crazy.  But Taylor’s mom Anne is still around.   Anne is a little bit nuts.

Typical decor in Anne’s Trailer

She loves her cat that almost died in Season 1, she loves Flamingos and she likes to drink white wine.  Anne is good friends with Marvin.

Not feeling very secure, are you?

Marvin is the head of the security at Myrtle Manor.  He rarely makes sense and he has a gostache, which, is PRACTICALLY a Hitler ‘stache.  He has pink hubcaps also.  He was the lead investigator in “PeeGate” Season 1.   Marvin things Jared is a vampire.

Other residents of Myrtle Manor:

bandit 2

Bandit. He is a supposed jingle writer and lives in a luxurious double-wide.  Inside he has mold and mildew for which he blames Becky.   He knows he isn’t supposed to have pets at Myrtle Manor, but he has got a ton of roaches- which he tries to kill with soap and water.  Psst, roaches would survive a nuclear winter…. He also has mold and mildew for which he blames Becky…but he isn’t exactly CLEAN.  He owes tons of back rent and says he has “no bone in his shoulder.”  He moved out in Season 1…but it looks like he is back in some capacity in Season 2.   He has no bone in his shoulder.

Hmmm, Peggy looks almost normal in this picture. 

Miss Peggy has lived in Myrtle Manor for 30 years.  She is up in everyone’s business and is older than dirt.  She’s drunk 80% of the time and likes to skinny dip at the Myrtle Manor pool parties… in broad daylight.  She is heavily sub-titled.

Shellie is a Wiccan and bar owner… she was on randomly in Season1.

Some highlights of Season 1:

  • After 43 years, the manor got a pool


  • Jeana had a biker party while Cecil was on vacation
  • Various people passed out drunk on lawn chairs within the park
  • Amanda, physically, fought Lindsey and Jessica after Lindsey spray painted “Whore” on Chelsey and Amanda’s Door.  Stay classy girls.
  • Miss Peggy skinny dipped at the pool opening

peggy skinny dipping
My eyes!  My eyes!!!

I mean, if they have a sign for peeing, shouldn’t they have a sign for THIS?!?

•        They held a beauty pageant and crowned Miss Myrtle Manor:  Becky won

Miss Myrtle Manor
Here she is…Miss Myrtle Manor

  •  Marvin developed a crush on Anne and wants to ask her out.
  •   Tangulls was condemned.
  •  Becky’s husband kicked Taylor’s ass because he spoke to Alyson.
  • Anne and Miss Peggy’s garden hoses were stolen
  • After a fight, Taylor peed on Jessica’s bed and this launched Pee Gate in which Marvin took “piss samples” from Taylor, Jessica and Gus (Taylor’s old bull dog).  And declared Jessica to be “The Pisser” but everyone suspects Marvin mixed up the samples, as Jessica peeing on her own bed doesn’t exactly make sense.

Pee Gate

  • For fun Jared and Taylor hit golf balls off the roof of Jared’s trailer and then smashed up an old tv and set it on fire… for fun.  Then they dumped the gasoline soaked, torches tv in the blue recycling bin.



  • Marvin, while training Chelsey as a deputy security guard, managed to get himself handcuffed behind his back.

Rule #28- tires in your front yard are mandatory

So that’s Season 1.  Let’s move onto Season 2.  I haven’t been able to find episodes online yet… so bear with me, getting pictures are a challenge.  MisRed is doing her best.

Cecil, who sold Myrtle Manor at the end of Season 1, changed his mind at the last minute.  Season 2 opens in summer, Becky is back in charge and Cecil is going on vacation.  This means that the rules of the park get relaxed… a little.  With Cecil out of town, what could go wrong?

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8 comments on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor Trailer Park Skank-Off

  1. labowner says:

    Oh joyous days. Welcome to the first of what is to be many trailer park spin offs. Thus the name change. Weeeeeeeeee off to read the recap.

  2. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I didn’t realize this was a “reality” show – I saw an episode last year and thought it was a regular show incredibly poorly done and I didn’t get it. Now that I know it is being ‘capped I’ll have to try watching it because I do love watching a bunch of redneck hill jacks (a special breed of redneck)!

  3. Southern Twang says:

    Oh MisRed, between the your hilarious recap and that picture of the ‘stache I’m gonna HAVE to watch this hot mess now! Great recap!!

  4. Aunt Dorsey says:

    The name Myrtle Manor sounds like a forgotten Halloween episode of Scooby Doo. It appears to be just as scripted as Duck Dynasty, but doesn’t sound like it has all that jeebus loves you, but only straight people need apply, shinola in it.

    I’m more familiar with your “just a pinch between cheek and gum”, gun-loving, squirrel hunting red necks. But, if you’re going to recap this hot mess, I’ll give it a shot. I do like to broaden my cultural horizons.

  5. labowner says:

    Aunt Dorsey – Amanda completely fills that bill of a true redneck. I actually get scared sometimes when she is FUBAR.

    I know the trailer park is set up behind the real trailer park and some of these folks were brought in and some actually lived in the one up front.

    It’s a nice break from all the drama, fight filled, producer driven crap on TV. Not sure if I am on board with this weird best trailer park crap. Try and find last season’s episodes. They are great.

    Here are a bunch of links MisRed.

  6. labowner says:

    Gossip – Taylor got busted after the airing of season 1 having under sex with an under-age female. I have no idea what happened to him after that.

  7. MisRed says:

    Thanks labowner. That watchseries link is where I watched season 1- and I checked for Season 2 on Friday- but it wasn’t up yet- but now it is!!! YIPPPPPEEEE Thanks!!

    Yeah, Amanda got arrested for DUI in April and Taylor is in a whole lot of trouble, it sounds like.

    After American Horror Story- this feels like a vacation! haha- not that I don’t love AHS- I totally do, but it emotionally stressful for me. I almost feel like I could live at Myrtle Manor and, like, LOVE it. I said ALMOST. haha

    A buddy of mine from High School lives in MB and has run into Bandit a few times and he introduces himself as “Bandit- have you seen my TV show?” ha

  8. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Thanks for the link labowner. Back in the ’70s, Uncle and I used to go down to Myrtle Beach and stay in a mom ‘n’ pop motel. Good times. The motel also sold fishing bait, a requirement for your three-star establishment. I think I still have their business card somewhere — Earl and Myrtle’s or something like that.

    My favorite redneck holiday is Halloween. I swear they have a charter bus in the Wal-Mart parking lot and bus them in from Culpeper county. My favorites are the big girls wearing their tube tops and Daisy Dukes. Those heifers can multi-task — push a baby stroller, drag on their Marboro lights, take a swig of malt likker, AND adjust their boobage overflow at the same time. I love that they’re ostensibly trick-or-treating for their infants — but nobody bothers to wear a costume. I like to guess what they’re dressed as anyway.

    I trotted over to the TLC web page to check it out. Now that I know this show is on The L’arnin’ Channel, I know I’m getting edumacated so it’s all good.

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