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Welcome to Myrtle Manor Trailer Park Skank-Off


Welcome to my first recap of “Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor.”  Holy good Jesus what have I gotten myself into???

This show is in Season 2, and I didn’t watch or recap Season 1, so I have tried to catch up this week.  Wow.  So if you didn’t watch Season 1… here is a little recap of the characters (meant in more ways than one) and what went down in Season 1.

The show is set at a Trailer Park (duh) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, called Myrtle Manor.  I’ve heard through the grapevine that it also called “Patrick’s.”  Myrtle Manor is a park consisting of 120 trailers, and there are TONS of rules one has to follow as a resident of Myrtle Manor.  They won’t rent to people with bad rims or tats or dress seductively…or so they say, but so far it seems this is ONLY to whom they rent.


The owner of Myrtle Manor is Cecil Patrick.  He’s an older, no-nonsense gentleman who has put his daughter, Becky, in charge. His motto is “No Pay, No Stay.”  He’s consistently grouchy, is constantly threatening to evict people and always tells Becky she is doing a crap job.  He has owned the park for many, many years, but at the end of Season 1, he basically sold the park… but more on that later.


Becky, while sometimes tough, is also a pushover with a soft heart.  Her father turned the management of the park over to her, but she keeps making a mess of things and he’s constantly threatening to fire her.  She tries to enforce the rules and holds a weekly Town Hall Meeting at the trailer park’s hair salon- Tangulls- and every week it’s “The Airing of the Grievances.”  And normally, the topics and issues are stuff that really shouldn’t be between landlord and tenant.

Alyson is Becky’s 20 year old daughter who took over management of the park for a short time in Season 1. Cecil turned it over to her when Becky had jacked something up particularly badly.  The residents made her cry and boycotted her Town Hall meeting with picket signs, so Becky was put back in charge.

jeana with a J

There is a narrator- “Jeana with a J” is her name.  Jeana is Becky’s Aunt (and Cecil’s sister in law), although they have to be pretty close in age.  Jeana just ended her 20 year marriage and is motorcycle chick.  BTW- Rule #17 of Myrtle Manor is “Idle in / Idle out” no moped or motorcycle riding in the park.  Jeana seems pretty normal.

The other residents are a bunch of characters… and they tend to drink a lot:

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8 comments on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor Trailer Park Skank-Off

  1. labowner says:

    Oh joyous days. Welcome to the first of what is to be many trailer park spin offs. Thus the name change. Weeeeeeeeee off to read the recap.

  2. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I didn’t realize this was a “reality” show – I saw an episode last year and thought it was a regular show incredibly poorly done and I didn’t get it. Now that I know it is being ‘capped I’ll have to try watching it because I do love watching a bunch of redneck hill jacks (a special breed of redneck)!

  3. Southern Twang says:

    Oh MisRed, between the your hilarious recap and that picture of the ‘stache I’m gonna HAVE to watch this hot mess now! Great recap!!

  4. Aunt Dorsey says:

    The name Myrtle Manor sounds like a forgotten Halloween episode of Scooby Doo. It appears to be just as scripted as Duck Dynasty, but doesn’t sound like it has all that jeebus loves you, but only straight people need apply, shinola in it.

    I’m more familiar with your “just a pinch between cheek and gum”, gun-loving, squirrel hunting red necks. But, if you’re going to recap this hot mess, I’ll give it a shot. I do like to broaden my cultural horizons.

  5. labowner says:

    Aunt Dorsey – Amanda completely fills that bill of a true redneck. I actually get scared sometimes when she is FUBAR.

    I know the trailer park is set up behind the real trailer park and some of these folks were brought in and some actually lived in the one up front.

    It’s a nice break from all the drama, fight filled, producer driven crap on TV. Not sure if I am on board with this weird best trailer park crap. Try and find last season’s episodes. They are great.

    Here are a bunch of links MisRed.

  6. labowner says:

    Gossip – Taylor got busted after the airing of season 1 having under sex with an under-age female. I have no idea what happened to him after that.

  7. MisRed says:

    Thanks labowner. That watchseries link is where I watched season 1- and I checked for Season 2 on Friday- but it wasn’t up yet- but now it is!!! YIPPPPPEEEE Thanks!!

    Yeah, Amanda got arrested for DUI in April and Taylor is in a whole lot of trouble, it sounds like.

    After American Horror Story- this feels like a vacation! haha- not that I don’t love AHS- I totally do, but it emotionally stressful for me. I almost feel like I could live at Myrtle Manor and, like, LOVE it. I said ALMOST. haha

    A buddy of mine from High School lives in MB and has run into Bandit a few times and he introduces himself as “Bandit- have you seen my TV show?” ha

  8. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Thanks for the link labowner. Back in the ’70s, Uncle and I used to go down to Myrtle Beach and stay in a mom ‘n’ pop motel. Good times. The motel also sold fishing bait, a requirement for your three-star establishment. I think I still have their business card somewhere — Earl and Myrtle’s or something like that.

    My favorite redneck holiday is Halloween. I swear they have a charter bus in the Wal-Mart parking lot and bus them in from Culpeper county. My favorites are the big girls wearing their tube tops and Daisy Dukes. Those heifers can multi-task — push a baby stroller, drag on their Marboro lights, take a swig of malt likker, AND adjust their boobage overflow at the same time. I love that they’re ostensibly trick-or-treating for their infants — but nobody bothers to wear a costume. I like to guess what they’re dressed as anyway.

    I trotted over to the TLC web page to check it out. Now that I know this show is on The L’arnin’ Channel, I know I’m getting edumacated so it’s all good.

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