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Sister Wives Recap: West Hollywood Welcomes You, Kody! | TrashTalkTV

Sister Wives Recap: West Hollywood Welcomes You, Kody!


Is that a Book of Mormon in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Howdy, Trashmii!  I hear it’s a bit brisk in most of the country.  It’s the same here in LA.  Why, it’s going down to the 40s tonight!  That’s practically sub-zero temps! Brrrr!

This episode is the gayest (closeted) thing ever!

We open with Kody telling us the family has been in transition for nearly four years, and then going on to recap pretty much everything that’s ever happened in this series.  We hear again about the commitment ceremony.  Meri says most polygamists don’t have commitment ceremonies.  Well I think most people in general don’t have them, so whateves.

The adults are off to Emerald at Queensridge, where Kody wants to throw the “party”, and meet with general manager Ken Kimble.  Now first, since the camera was already there, I am pretty sure Ken knew ahead of time who was coming.  Second, he like the rest of the universe, just could not care less how many wives Kody has.  Christine springs “we’re all his wives” on Ken, who responds, “We’re not the church, we’re not the government, we’re capitalists.  We’re here to make money”.  No kidding, the venue rents for over $10K.  Of course, that’s all-inclusive!

nofuckstogiveMan with absolutely no f-cks to give.

In interview, Kody points out that polygamists don’t actually renew their vows, because their vows are eternal and marriages are a spiritual union.  So it’ll be more of a party.  He says he doesn’t want to go cheap on the party, unlike when one of his wives wants a party, and says his reputation is on the line.  Reputation as what?  Frat boy?

Speaking of boys, Kody’s lover “best friend” Brett is coming by with his wife, Ava.  We learn that Kody and Brett served a Mormon mission when they were younger.  During that time, Kody’s father converted to polygamy, and afterwards Brett left the Mormon church.

beardI wonder, does she realize she’s a beard?

Kody, Brett and Sean, Janelle’s trainer, are going to “install” wrestling mats in Janelle’s garage, so she’ll be unable to use that garage for anything else.  Like putting her car in there in the boiling summer sun.  Janelle tells Kody she needs the garage for storage, so Kody asks Christine if he can use her garage.

Christine then asks to speak privately to Kody, and according to Kody says she’ll agree to the mats if he’s a better husband, she gets more time with him and “more grocery money”.  Really?  Grocery money is a quid pro quo in this family?  And why isn’t Kody spending the same amount of time with Christine as with the other wives?  Admittedly, she’s a pain in the ass.  But isn’t there a regular rotation?  Or – is Robyn still getting most of his time?

quid pro quoYeah, you can have your filthy gay sex in my garage, but it’ll cost you more grocery money.

The mats are “installed,” which seems to involve just laying them on the floor (and, inexplicably, partway up the walls).  Kody tells us he’s going to use the mats “daily”.  Hunter says Kody likes reliving his high school wrestling career.  Honey, he’s still living in high school.  Then we see some hot wrestling action between Kody and Brett.  By “hot” I mean gay.  Very, very gay.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Get a hotel room, already!

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22 comments on “Sister Wives Recap: West Hollywood Welcomes You, Kody!

  1. tv junkie says:

    Meri is so exhausting. Every time she opens her mouth I want to reach thru the TV and slap the crap out of her. No wonder the other wives can’t stand her. She is such a condescending psycho.

  2. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    You LIE! The show LIES! Everybody LIES! Clearly Meri is the first person to ever have an only child go away to college and leave! Don’t be hatin’ on her for wanting to just hole up in her house and work on her projects – she’s in uncharted territory here – no one has ever had an only child go off to college! Or maybe no one has ever survived and that’s why Meri is so hysterical – she wants to be with this family for eternity but she never thought her eternity would get here so quick!

    Seriously – shut up, Meri.

  3. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    So in their afterlife, kingdom, or whatever the crap it is, will they get separate houses? Do you think they ever wondered how afterlife will be when they can’t stand each other now?

  4. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    Actually scratch that 2nd question I forgot who I was talking about. I don’t think they know what thinking is.

  5. Lizbot says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t get past this statement without commenting: In interview, Kody points out that polygamists don’t actually renew their vows, because their vows are eternal and marriages are a spiritual union.

    If their vows are so eternal, how come FLDS are allowed to divorce and remarry or remarry after the deaths of their spouses? And why am I looking for logic here? Never mind….

    • TN Gal says:

      See, I was confused about that as well. Granted, I’ve never been married and I currently reside in sin, but I thought all marriage vows were for eternity. Or until someone finally gives up and dies or gets pushed down the stairs.

    • nettaboo says:

      From what I’ve read they apply to have their temple sealing cancelled. A bishop has to approve it and if I understand it right, you get legally divorced first then, find a new man to marry and then after some paperwork can be unsealed from your first husband and sealed to the new one. I don’t think women can be unsealed unless they find a new husband.

      • Lizbot says:

        But wouldn’t that suck for the dead husbands of widows, though? There they are, sitting pateintly up in heaven, waiting for their eternal, supposedly loyal wives to join them, only to discover that their wives have ditched them for new nondead husbands in the meanwhile? Or do wives get to have multiple husbands in heaven, just not on earth?

        • Nelliebelle1197 says:

          Widows who remarry are only the wives of the second husband while on earth. Seriously.

          • Lizbot says:

            So…isn’t that kinda like committing adultery then?

          • TN Gal says:

            So if a man marries a bunch of wives to gain a celestial kingdom, and then kills over before any of the wives die, and the wives get sealed to other men, which man do they spend the afterlife with? Do they split time between the two, or does it depend on who dies next….new hubby or the wife? See, a stupid reality show with a bunch of nit-wits (except Jenelle), should not make me think about that crap. It’s like that segment on The Soup where the woman explains how some FLDS woman was her own mother-in-law. I’m going to have a drink now. I’ve devoted way too much thought to this.

  6. Lisa says:

    the whole show is bogus. It clearly says in the New Testament of the Bible, (which Kody says he lives by), that the elders of the Church must be the husband of ONE WIFE. Kody says they have Church in each others houses, so therefore he is the elder of that Church.

    • When has Kody said he lives by the New Testament? I’ve always heard him speak of the Book of Mormon. Mormons (of ALL types) hold the Book of Mormon in higher regard than the Old/New Testament Bible that we commonly think of.

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      Is “playing church” the new version of “playing doctor”?

    • Nelliebelle1197 says:

      Mormons are not Christians and as MB says, their scriptures are different from those of Christians.

      • Lizbot says:

        But they refer to themselves as Christians, so I think that’s where the confusion comes in. They do believe in the Old/New Testament from what I understand, but they believe the BOM to be the newest revelation that supercedes the former.

  7. Nelliebelle1197 says:

    I take issue with this comment, PennyS.

    “Kody seems surprised by that, probably because it’s mostly Brett in his head.”

    I am pretty damn sure Kody only has cotton candy and air-popped pop corn in his head.

  8. Lisa says:

    sorry, I meant that he says he lives by the Bible as a whole. I remember him saying that since King Solomon in the Bible had multiple wives, he can too.

  9. Merry says:

    The appearance of Brett explains everything! That’s why Kody is a polygamist, so he can say, “honey, I’m going to visit one of the other wives,” and sneak away to meet up with his “best friend” for some “wrestling.” If any wife asks he can say he was with one of the others, and they all pretty much hate each other so they’d probably never talk enough to realize he was lying. It’s the perfect cover for a closet case!

  10. Eye Dios Mio says:

    You know, Meri makes me sad. It is so obvious she hates this polygamy thing. Why would she even agree to it in the first place? Yeah sure, she’s probably an insufferable hag but I think it’s only worsened because she’s agreed to this stupid arrangement because of whatever the heck kind of crap she is believing in.

    Sorry I hate to disrespect anyone’s religious beliefs, but at this point you have women so completely subjugated it’s beyond belief. And this show is a really good example of how completely inefficient and bogus this set up. DO what you want, but only if you want it and not under threat of hell or anything else. I am sure polyamory works, but there has to be willing participants, not emotional captives for it to be an effective arrangement.

    Oh this soapbox here? I’m done with it. Anyone need it?

    • TN Gal says:

      I wonder if Meri was as passive aggressive and unhappy as she is now, before Robin came into the picture. I mean, I know Kodi is an idiot, but does he not see how unhappy and miserable she seems. She’s going to end up a bitter old, lonely woman if she’s not careful.

  11. thisbuggs4u says:

    Meri is the one that introduced Koduche to Robyn…

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