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Shahs of Sunset Minicap: Reza v Mike Round 1 | TrashTalkTV

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Shahs of Sunset Minicap: Reza v Mike Round 1

Hola Trashies! This episode of Shahs was kind of confusing and all over the place.  The only consistent thing in this episode was Asa’s giant boodie and kookiness.

First of all, MJ has decided to mindfuck us all with stories of her supposed sexual escapades caught on tape.  I mean, the WHAT?  Someone, anyone - please fill me in on why one would need to take a computer to the store to get your sex tapes recovered if you believe you deleted them in the first place.   MJ is scraping the floor for attention and it’s pathetic. Also, stop it.  JUST STOP IT!

Asa has a party for the launch of Diamond Water and she looks amazing.  Seriously, when she pulls it together she wins.  But I am still missing the glittery sneeze guard.  (Sad Face).

And, In true Bravo fashion, there can never be a fancy event without the contractual “confrontation.”  No matter the occasion, there must be a loud conversation that embarrasses the host.  Shahs of Sunset is no exception and luckily this time, it involves two grown men acting like immature, boozed up fishwives.  Yes, Mike and Reza finally have it out and can I just tell you . . . They argued about nothing.  For some reason Reza has decided he is mad at Mike about not standing up for him at the gay club, which – huh?  And Mike is mad at Reza about . . . something.

All I know is that Mike was OBLITERATED and made some pretty great Romona from Real Houswives of NY crazy eyes at Reza.

crazy eyes 2
Watch as Mike goes from this . . .

epic crazy eyes
To This!   Ack!

crazy eyes ramona
But still, no one can ever reach the epic levels of Ramona’s CRAZY EYES!

At the end of it all, Jessica has to drag Mike out of there and he alternates between crying and wanting to punch Reza in the face.  It’s almost like he’s a drunk girl, who can’t decide if she wants to puke, cry her mascara off or proclaim her love for the Beebz.  It was weird.

Adam doesn’t know whether this is going to end up in a threesome or a slapfight.  Either way, I’m sure he’s pleased. 

While I’m finishing up the full recap, check out last week’s recap here and/or dish in the comments below!

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28 comments on “Shahs of Sunset Minicap: Reza v Mike Round 1

  1. Gypsy says:

    @eyediosmio, apparently the fields read: Shipping address and delivery address which is rejecting orders. They have no billing address field…but they are still charging orders, twice.

    Just a head’s up.

  2. NotWithoutMyTV says:

    That MJ porno bit was so patently staged and designed to provoke that I simply refused to be provoked by Bravo’s transparent attempt to provoke me.

  3. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I went and peeked and a 12-pack of 1 liter bottles is $35.88, which breaks down to $2.99 a bottle and the 18-pack of 18-oz. bottles is $35.82 ($1.99 per bottle) — of course that’s before shipping and handling or any tax is added on.

    Asa isn’t touting herself as a Persian Pop Priestess in her bio. She is now a Multimedia Conceptual Artiste (okay, I added the “e” but it seems fitting for such an exalted title). Plus, she’s gone a little bit Goopy Paltrow on us and is praising the soul and body curative powers of this enhanced LA tap water.

  4. Aunt Dorsey says:

    @NWMTV — all that and it doesn’t vajazzle your taint at the same time!? I am SO disappointed.

  5. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Must be the Persian Family Discount at work.

  6. NotWithoutMyTV says:

    I bought a case, and I can now see in THREE DIMENSIONS! I’m serious, I drank Diamond Water for a week, and things are popping right out at me. The world is just… deeper, somehow. It’s seriously AMAZING!!!!!

    I know some people out there are saying Asa is nothing but a “unibrowed, big-assed chiseler”, but they haven’t tried her AMAZING product. I’m going home to get some into my alimentary canal, right now!

  7. MargoRita says:

    I think you’re exactly right. You cld read between the lines and see how hurt mike was. ESP since he was practically crying in the car.

  8. inidigo says:

    I really hate this show. It’s all dramatic hyperbole.

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