Trash Talkin’

Quality Family Time

Hello again, Trashmii, and welcome to the place to dish the dirt, talk the trash, and speak the sh, er stuff.

Read or heard anything juicy? Here’s the place to pile it on. Share, Sweetie, share. The recappers can’t possibly put a ton of non-show related gossip in to the ‘cap, and the forums (fora?) are one place to discuss. Here is another. Diversity is what TTTV is all about

This is the spot for the most inquiring of us. Everybody is welcome.

Are you a big fan of Tre and think her forehead looks just fine and insist that she is in a loving marriage to a faithful man who adores her and is def innocent of whatever charges the Man throws at him? Here’s the place for you to express your views. Of course you will be stomped into the ground and left to bleed out in the dirt, but if that isn’t fun, what is?

For instance, this morning we discovered that Madge, that model Mom, has spurred a bit of controversy by having her son Rocco pose for a New Year photo with two buds and a bottle of gin.


In a People Magazine interview, Drew Barrymore announced that she had a difficult time growing up in the famous Barrymore family and prefers her in-laws.

A dysfunctional Hollywood family? Stretches the imagination, doesn’t it (see Madge above)?

And speaking of dysfunctional, Charlie Sheen called Ashton Kutcher “lame” on Twitter. Does he mean that his Two and a Half Men replacement is having problems walking? Is he enlisting our help in assisting his friend? Tweets can be so confusing.

So what have you heard or read or made up this morning? Dish, darlings, dish.