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Trash Talkin’

Quality Family Time

Hello again, Trashmii, and welcome to the place to dish the dirt, talk the trash, and speak the sh, er stuff.

Read or heard anything juicy? Here’s the place to pile it on. Share, Sweetie, share. The recappers can’t possibly put a ton of non-show related gossip in to the ‘cap, and the forums (fora?) are one place to discuss. Here is another. Diversity is what TTTV is all about

This is the spot for the most inquiring of us. Everybody is welcome.

Are you a big fan of Tre and think her forehead looks just fine and insist that she is in a loving marriage to a faithful man who adores her and is def innocent of whatever charges the Man throws at him? Here’s the place for you to express your views. Of course you will be stomped into the ground and left to bleed out in the dirt, but if that isn’t fun, what is?

For instance, this morning we discovered that Madge, that model Mom, has spurred a bit of controversy by having her son Rocco pose for a New Year photo with two buds and a bottle of gin.


In a People Magazine interview, Drew Barrymore announced that she had a difficult time growing up in the famous Barrymore family and prefers her in-laws.

A dysfunctional Hollywood family? Stretches the imagination, doesn’t it (see Madge above)?

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51 comments on “Trash Talkin’

  1. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Well, if you’ve ever wondered what Rita Hayworth’s hairline looked like before the studio moguls made her get electrolysis, just look at Teresa Guidice or at Madonna’s armpits in those Playboy before-she-was-famous nekkid pics.

  2. vallegirl says:

    Man, those Ciccone eyebrows will not be ignored, no matter what genetic stew Madge tried with her sperm donors.

    • sarcasatire says:

      You want to talk hairy? Google that image of Demi Moore naked before waxing became popular. Looked like she had a badger in a leg lock.

      Demi More was so hairy, she was spread eagle and still demure…you couldn’t see anything!

      • Aunt Dorsey says:

        “…a badger in a leg lock.” Bwwwwwwaaaaahahahahahha!

        She sounds like the swimming instructor I had at the age of six. It was a stunning revelation to me that this nice middle-aged lady had magnificent mutton chop whiskers sprouting out of her black, one-piece bathing suit. I was absolutely mesmerized by this hirsute display. My mistake was mentioning this wondrous phenomenon at the dinner table and inquiring why I didn’t have a beard there as well. My prude of a father almost choked to death (the Heimlich maneuver hadn’t been invented yet).

      • vallegirl says:

        Thanks, sarcas. I’d just managed to unsee that photo when you reminded me of it’s existence. I hope you can live with the nightmares I’ll be having because of you.

        • sarcasatire says:

          Not only can I live with it…I’m totally about to permanently scar Aunt Dorsey, too!

          The funniest part is that I went to google and typed “Demi Moore” and the top three lines in the drop down menu were:

          Demi Moore bush
          Demi Moore plastic surgery
          Demi Moore bush pic

          We all know what her legacy will be!

          • Aunt Dorsey says:

            Oh holy crap — NOOoooooo, if you hadn’t prepared me with that badger comment, I would have thought she was performing unnatural acts with a black kitten.

            I’m totally against little Hitler moustaches, but that overgrown lady garden requires a little judicious trimming with a weed whacker. Oh my stars and garters, thank jeebus that she and Robin Williams never procreated.

            My prurient interest kicked in one day and I clicked on a link to a Colin Farrell sex tape. (I’m sure it’s not the only one.) The cunning lad was attacking a bush much less daunting than Demi’s and pausing every second or so, mid speech, to pluck errant pubes out of his mouth. I was in hysterics….

          • No, I'm just glad to see you says:

            C’mon, how is that even possible? I come from a line of Portugee women who can grow a moustache with the best of them and have furry arms that would make any knuckle dragger proud. My best friend had an overly lustrous undercarriage that she ferociously hacked on a regular basis. If you put them altogether, they would still fall far short of Demi’s shrubbery. Christ, Bigfoot would have less of a grooming challenge. Perhaps the photographer’s enhanced the picture for some weird fetish group?

          • itchy itchy says:

            But… I don’t understand… she looks great.

            This conversation just makes all the more grateful I don’t have to date anymore. I mean, are guys expected to go hairless too now?

      • itchy itchy says:

        Okay, I get that pubic hair can get a little unruly at times. But to go from that to grown women looking like five year olds? It’s not like us guys have our eyes open when we’re down there, you know.

  3. TN Gal says:

    Did anyone watch Kim of Queens after Project Runway? I liked Kim, so far. She has a dymund tiara sitting on the corner of her desk. And bless her heart, she had to be all personality and talent when she won Miss Georgia, as she was not the most facially gifted. Anyway, she kinda reminds me of NeNe, but not in an annoying way. I really liked the little girl who came in and stole the crown from the more polished girls. These are tween and pre-teens, so I’m sure there will be some drama. I’ll watch again.

    • sarcasatire says:

      I want that first episode to be recapped! Maybe not the whole series because helping kids and lifting their spirits can get old, but that first episode, where we are introduced to Miss Kim is reality gold. It took half the show, and a photo of her from 20 years ago, before I was convinced that she might be a biological women. Mind you, I said, might be.

      • Aunt Dorsey says:

        Honest to gawd, I thought she was tucking too — until I watched the whole show. I must be having Tot’lers and Tiara withdrawals, because the DVR isn’t even recording repeats now. The tap dancing just cracked me up. Savion Glover she ain’t.

        • TN Gal says:

          I think it’s the teeth. With the overbite and facial expressions, she reminded me of a Simpson’s character. You know, the bow who would convince Lisa she was beautiful just the way she is. Dibs on that tiara.

  4. labowner says:

    So this is where I should post this quote.

    “In reality, the show is about a group of women, loosely connected by their so-called affiliation with organized crime, arguing and fighting amongst themselves over petty grievances for the viewing pleasure of people who have no lives of their own. Far from glorifying “mob life”, Ms. DiMichele makes clear in the show that she is devastated by the position she finds herself in, and regrets what she has done,”

    Also, so happy to see Married to Medicine is returning, unfortunately sans Kari, but Quad will be back. Hope someone will be recapping our favorite Quadisms.

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      Harumph! First that “genius” sphincter muscle David Foster says his fourth wife, Her Beigeness, Yoyo Queen of Lemons, calls her cast mates clowns and insults her viewing audience and now this:

      “…for the viewing pleasure of people who have no lives of their own.”

      I know you said her lawyers issued this verbal polyp and all I have to say to them is, “Youse smell delicious and I run with the big boys.”

  5. itchy itchy says:

    Also, I noticed there’s a thing called “Bad Girls Club All Star Battle” — is this going to be worth watching? Or is going to be another endless loop of binge drinking, nightclubbing and hairpulling? And what would this ‘battle’ entail? Jousting with dildos?

  6. Meg B says:

    I’m stuck here with bronchitis and doped up on sizzurp a la Lil’Wayne so please excuse me if I ramble!

    Two things – Mike from Shahs of Sunset needs to lay off the booger sugar – he was a trainwreck tonight, with his sweaty M&M-shaped self. But I did enjoy watching him harass Reza. More, please!

    Also, some RHofA scoop for any who care – did y’all hear that the TLC song “Girl Talk” is about Chuck?!
    1) Back in the day ol’ Chuck hooked up with not only Kandi and Phaedra but also T-Boz (of TLC) and with Tamar – he allegedly mentioned this on film, but Bravo edited that part out as Vince Herbert has industry clout…

    2) According to the song lyrics (which ROCK fyi) Chuck is packing a cocktail weenie and had whack sex game. Turrible! Small-peened, big mouth fool is being dragged all over the interwebs and I’m here for it!

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      Perfection. Chuckie came off like a tool with his “you were part of the team” line. When even NeNe looks appalled at your crassness — you ARE a douche.

      • sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

        Did y’all here how Momma Joyce is blaming editing and is threatening to quit?

        • TN Gal says:

          Yes, I heard about the evil editing. How does editing make you take off your shoe? Those evil, out of work Toddlers and Tiaras editors must have all went to work in Atlanta.

          • Aunt Dorsey says:

            Now I’m ALL excited about Aviva Drescher of Real Fishwives of NY one-upping Mama Joyce and tossing a leg complete with a shoe.

  7. labowner says:

    Itcy, you missed the first all-star battle? Natalie storming out proclaiming she can make $100K in Africa, she doesn’t need this shit only to come back into the house the next day. It’s also fun to hear them talk about winning $100k as if it were $100M. I believe this is why DVR was created with the option of recording 5 shows at once.

    I am truly bummed Gypsy Sisters is not being recapped again. Mellie is a mom.

    • Meg B says:

      @Lab, I shame-watch Gypsy Sisters too! They fascinate me. Nettie is batshit psycho nuts and I want to know how much meth is Mellie ingesting a day?! “Nuckie done run off with Pookie”! “I’m ‘a beat Chicken’s ass”! And I thought my family was nuts…

      • TN Gal says:

        I was hoping it would be recapped as well. Should we start a Trashmi pool for how long. Mellie keeps the kid before it’s snatched away by CPS? And now I can’t help but imagine Mellie as FLOTUS on Scandal, and going all inbred gypsy on Fitz and Olivia.

  8. TN Gal says:

    Soooo….who is planning on watching the new season of The Real World? I have no idea who is on, but it’s all exes in the house. And there is a second episode of Kim of Queens tonight.

  9. Clair says:

    The old “Brain Rot” columns got me hooked on Radar Online so I know alllll about the Kardashians. Kris posed in a bikini. Kim has bald spots from weaves. Kim posted a selfie with Chyna someone-or-other with a bigger ass than herself, then photoshopped the hell out of the picture, but only photoshopped herself, then denied she photoshopped.

    And Scientology still exists.

    • sarcasatire says:

      Blac Chyna. She had a child with rapper, Tyga. I only know whoop she is because she possesses the worse case if fake booty cakes on the planet. They sit so weirdly on the top of her thighs, never move, and looks ridiculous in leggings. The urban blogs clown her every chance they get. Then again, they clown Kim, too.

      Then again, who doesn’t?

    • Meg B says:

      I saw the article about Kimmycakes getting busted on the Photoshopping – my cold black heart laughed at the curved closet doorway in the picture frame. Stick to getting peed on, sweetie! Leave the photo edits to professionals.

    • TN Gal says:

      Did you happen to see the pictures of the Olivia Pope worthy coat Kimmy wore to Barney’s? It is completely fabulous and I must have it. And yes, I’m ashamed I even know the picture exists.

      • Meg B says:

        Yes I definitely saw that coat! I thought, “damn if she doesn’t look like an Avatar with all 50 of her facelifts but that coat is fresh!” And then I wanted to backhand myself and go stand in the corner for liking something Kardashian-related.

      • classy drunk classy drunk says:

        I don’t like or dislike the Kardashians but I can say they have a great sense of style. That jacket gave me life!

        • Gypsy Gypsy says:

          I don’t know classy… that von Trapp number she wore to the Met Ball was a fashion don’t if you ask me. Along with that hideous Trout Pout.

  10. No, I'm just glad to see you says:

    For the most part I can ignore the Kardashian/Jenner spawn. That’s what you get when you cross the buttocks gene with the trivial gene. It’s figurehead Kris and her pitiful attempts to promote herself that chafes my normal sized derriere. Kris doesn’t run a family as much as a swap meet where everything and anything is for sale.

  11. vallegirl says:

    Where’s a Top Chef Minicap when you need it?

  12. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    Are we going to end up call this Kartrash-talkin? LMK, mmmmkay? I hate those ALLLLLLLL of those hoes.

    • snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

      Don’t even THINK about it, Gypsy! I mostly ignore them, but any further references would be just too much.

      I did, however, consider the Badger Network in honor of Sarcasatire.

  13. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    BADGER NETWORK! I die! Oh can we please do that as a feature of the week? That would be too much!

  14. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Fabulous! TrashTV could be the QVC of merkins.

  15. labowner says:

    Anyone watching Tequila Sisters?

    Did anyone catch the MBFGW special on after the Gypsy Sisters the other week? Was it a repeat from a few years ago?

    Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor, (rumor has it TLC is going to do a series in different trailer parks) starts next week.

    Married to Medicine returns in February.

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