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Almost Human – Oh wow, another bomb!

Previously on Almost Human, there were some more crime thingys… and Dorian ran into a version of himself working as a mechanic who has yellow wiring and not blue so we could tell them apart. Wild times. We also learned that MX’s don’t have genetalia and Dorian does. Because i needed to visualize that every time I look at him. (my husband now makes horse noises whenever he comes on the screen. it’s… distracting)

Special thanks to Slickery for covering last weeks episode while I was on vacation, and extra special thanks to Polly for modeling an interpretation of each scene, mostly because adorable doggie tummy and big eyes are far better than a lot of the plot points currently developing on this show.. And in thanks I will return the favor with a picture of my dog/child, Sarkozy, and I will raise the stakes with the addition of my kitty-kat, Waz. They say hi.

sarkozyI’m Dorian, a robot with oodles of personality and charm

wazAnd I’m John, a no-nonsense cop with a dark history

(Yes they’ve both mastered the “please feed me I’m pathetic” look, I promise they’re both well fed and loved) Ok, back to the show. My husband is currently only watching because he’s waiting for the day when all the MX’s turn evil… that’s gonna happen right?

There’s rolling blackouts from a solar flare. Richard the Dick is reading us all in on protocol (he’s the energy marshal, which sounds an awful lot like the adult version of being a hall monitor, LAME). There’s a priority charging system in charging the androids, MX’s get first priority. There’s some banter about how much of a Dick Richard is (WE KNOW) then Dorian walks up to Richard the dick and punches him in the face.

1 faec punchSorry the picture’s blurry, I was too busy clapping to capture the full glory

It’s AMAZING. i have not laugh/yelled that loud in a long time. Dorian is deeply upset that the MX’s have charging priority over him. He delivers some pretty solid wounded to the core faces in this scene by the way.

2 angry sadI HAZ ALL THE FEELZ

Dorian says he has “barely half a charge” (remember that, it comes up later) and blames his crankyness at a low charge. He gets emotional on low batteries. Which seems like a massive design flaw, but sure, let’s take him out in the field anyway.

Sidenote I feel really bad for the actors who play MX’s – they just stand around looking menacing every episode but they’re lucky to get one or even half of a line per episode. Aw. Poor fella’s. Also why are there no lady MX’s? Too busy being sexbots? Not cool, pretty sure there’s a use for robotic female officers (especially ones with empathy skills, wouldn’t they be useful in a hostage negotiation or something? Am I over thinking this show way too much? Sure am… )

Time for the car-o-feelings. Can’t you just plug Dorian into your cigarette lighter? Anyway is cranky about MX’s getting priority charging. Dorian wants his own space, i guess he wants to move out? But since he;s city property he needs to move to a place where he’s supervised. Oh god, he wants to move in with John. This just reminds me of when Bender and Fry moved in together on Futurama. Hope Dorian doesn’t have to cut off his antenna. John refuses to empty out his trophy room for Dorian. Why does he need to, does Dorian need a bed? Can’t he just have a 1×1 square foot cube to stand in? Why does a grown man need a trophy room? John starts telling a rambling story about being a high school superstar athlete and Dorian powers himself down to save power and avoid the long drawn out story (they used to call John the white cheetah since he was so fast. Why white is it a racial thing or was he just a blur of light?). John makes him wake up and starts the story over again. ugh. it’s cute, my husband is in tears over this banter. I’m so done with the car of feelings, there’s way too many feelings in there.

3 powered downEven the actors are having a hard time watching this…

Cut to another scene, hey it’s that guy (he played Felix Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica – because apparently all sci-fi shows are filmed in Canada with the same 10 actors) ) Anyway he’s driving a car talking to his girlfriend on the phone (but not the palm phone again thank goodness for that) – his name is Ramon by the way. Some teenage-looking street kid stops him to wash his car.

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4 comments on “Almost Human – Oh wow, another bomb!

  1. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I’m beyond envious that your hubby whinnies like Cloris Leachman as Frau Blucher (sorry, I’m umlaut impaired, you’ll have to add your own) in Young Frankenstein. Too bad we can’t get a sound bite of it. And Sarkozy and Waz are adorable — I just wanna go all drooling grandma and pinch their little cheeks.

    This episode was like “Law and Order” what with ripping off actual headline news. A little too reminiscent of that bizarre case of the guy with a bomb around his neck sent to rob a bank — who blew up after the cops arrived. Creepy.

  2. Chaosbutterfly says:

    I’ve never tried it, so I could be wrong, but I feel like if you tried to charge an full grown android using your cigarette lighter, your car would die.
    And then you would have a dead car and a dead android and a dead artificial leg, and what’s the good in that.

    I think Simon didn’t really want to blow up the girl. He was just playing.
    He gave her the most time to do her task, but her task was the easiest.
    And he gave our intrepid heroes a head start on saving her. I bet when she started talking shit about him, he regretted it though lol.
    He was 100% serious about blowing up the bank man though.
    And maybe 427k bits is the amount that was on the loan that he got turned down for.

    Maybe living with Dorian will make Rudy cool.

  3. Danator Danator says:

    Chaosbutterfly that is the most intelligent response I’ve had in a while to any recep – I totally didn’t put any of those thoughts together and they make total sense. Hrm, alright you made me slightly less cynical about the randomness of this show and the depth of this weeks bad guy…

    Maybe living with Rudy will make Dorian weirder. I can see them up at 3am doing a jigsaw puzzle drinking tea.

  4. Slickery Slickery says:

    Your dog and cat are adorable and glad you are back to recap this. It’s a mess but it’s full of pretty boys so I’ll stick in to the end. (See also: The Following.)

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