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RHOBH Recap: Cancer Fashion

Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yoyce acted like 12 Years a Slave was based on her experience as a Real Housewife while showing off a shoulder bone that would make Karen Carpenter jealous, …

…the editors hinted at Kyle’s true dress size, …

… and Brandi had a few glasses of whatever the hell Kim has been drinking all these years and told a fat dude to fuck off a lot.

Where’z mah houze?

We open back at Lisa’s latest advertisement party at SUR, where Brandi is getting yelled at by Yoyce’s chubby rich husband for being a drunk idiot. She says it’s not fair that he’s yelling at a woman because she doesn’t have a husband to stick up for her. His look either says that he can totally understand how she doesn’t have a husband, or he doesn’t care what happens next, he’s getting that last roll.

Yoyce shouts that she just thought Brandi was a drunk that needed rehab, but now she can see that Brandi’s just a horrible human being. You were right both times, but you’re still an asshole. As with most addicts, the word “rehab” quiets Brandi immediately.

Brandi can admit to being a lot of things, but admitting to being an alcoholic would mean that she’d have to stop drinking. She’s fucked. No defense for that one, and no one is helping her out. Lisa’s eating, and Yolanda is pretending to text Barbra Streisand.

I would say there are crickets chirping, but the frog faced hags at SUR keep snapping them up with their tongues.


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43 comments on “RHOBH Recap: Cancer Fashion

  1. Clare s says:

    I am so excited that there will be a podcast this week! For some reason Brandi always needing to say ” I don’t lie, I’m a good person” really stuck out for me. She says this a lot when she is drunk or fighting with someone. Ok so pretty much anytime she is breathing. A case of the lady doth protest too much or what?

  2. e-milt714 says:

    RUMPY PUMPY! That 2 second clip made the entire hour worth while.. MORE RP screen time damn it!

    PS- Yoyce’s hub is this century’s augustus gloop (willy wonka).. THINK ABOUT IT!

  3. rachelkashmir says:

    @RonnieK- Yea! I can’t wait for the Podcast!

    @e-milt714- I was thinking cHubster looked more like Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s stunt double.

    I think we’re starting to see the Lisa Brandi has been talking about. Lisa is being pretty underhanded telling Yoyce that she has to chastise Brandi. Remember in Season 2: Lisa was bitchy to Brandi based on nothing but Kyle’s lopsided description of DanaPam’s Game Night and Brandi still refused to go along with Adrienne’s ambush. It’s clear now that Lisa befriended Brandi because she needs a fallgal to keep her hands looking clean and Brandi is pretty fearless and isn’t intimidated by status or money. Lisa’s been friends with Brandi for a while now. If Lisa valued Brandi as a friend she would have told Yoyce that Brandi might have been out of line (she was) but Yoyce is over reacting and needs to get over it because she’s not black and she wasn’t getting bullied but is simply too stupid to realize someone just might not like her. Instead, Lisa betrays Brandi (who’s only flaw is getting tired of Lisa’s condescending smothering) in favor of someone new who can be manipulated do her dirty work. Lisa’s friendship is VERY conditional. Lisa hides a lot of bitchiness behind that pretty English accent.

    Lisa is showing a pretty ugly side. It’s one thing if she’s bitchy and dismissive to the women, but she’s also that way with Ken. For instance, when they were walking to Kyle’s store, Lisa totally just walked on ahead and Ken followed a good 10 feet behind. It’s clear Ken is the real brains behind their restaurant operations and Lisa just wants to be the STAH!

    Yoyce needs to stop this bullying nonsense, like yesterday. Sweet Baby Jeezus, it was one night (there’s no evidence that Brandi was a bitch to her repeatedly) and she just keeps bringing it up. And the only thing she keeps talking about was how Brandi kept fucking up her name. GET.OVER.YOURSELF. Her self-righteous indignation is obnoxious. Clearly being a pretty, stupid trophy wife leaves her with a lot of free time to think thoughts about…stuff. In 10 episodes this racism/bullying storyline is the only thing she has and she’s holding onto it for dear life.

    I wish Back Fat Kyle wouldn’t use Big Kath as an example of good mothering. Her daughters are perfectly lovely but if they don’t want to fulfill her fantasy of being a taller, thinner woman, she should leave them alone. That fashion show was pretty ratchet. Also ratchet? Having her daughters pose in the window like Amsterdam prostitutes. Etirsa is a stunning woman. Brandi looked like she’d never seen such a tiny runway and was afraid of walking off the damn thing. Yoyce pagenting on the catwalk was embarrassing to watch.

    • Clare s says:

      I’m sorry but Brandi has been out of line. I’m not a big Joyce fan but if some bitch I didn’t know spoke to me the way Brandi spoke to Joyce in Palm Springs I would have lost it on her. As far as Lisa goes, she has told Brandi on numerous occasions this season and last season to get her shit together, that getting drunk and screaming fuck off doesn’t make things better. Lisa has supported Brandi when no one else did. I had a friend who had a coke problem and I supported her, backed her up when I knew she was wrong until I realized by doing that I wasn’t doing her any favors and I was hurting people who didn’t deserve her attacks. I ended that friendship I was the last person left standing by her and I wasn’t really helping her by standing by her. She finally hit rock bottom and saw she needed help. We all stepped back in when she asked for help to get into rehab. Adults should know there are consequences for our actions and losing friends when you are an asshole is one of them.

      • rachelkashmir says:

        @Clare s- With respect, I said Brandi was out of line. What I’m also saying is Yoyce seriously needs to get a new song to sing. She keeps repeating the same two things 1)Brandi was bullying me by saying my name wrongly 2) Brandi is racist because of the “Black Person” comment. Those things were said one night. Yoyce does not bring up repeated examples of Brandi acting like this. If she could site repeated examples, I could totally see her ire, however she just continues to bring up the SAME things that happened that one night in Palm Springs. If Yoyce was so intent of peace making, she wouldn’t confront Brandi in front of people she would get with Brandi one on one, away from the crowd, no alcohol. Instead, Yoyce likes to confront Brandi in a crowd to embarrass Brandi. If I was getting confronted in a public setting, I’d tell her and her fat paycheck, I mean husband, to fuck off, too. And Yoyce CONTINUES to say the same things even now, 6 months later in post filming interviews. Yoyce is making a mountain out of molehill. Yoyce should be sending Brandi fruit baskets for giving her a storyline, ’cause I’m not buying her epic love story.

        Brandi does not have a drinking problem. She admits that when filming, the producers pack the house with alcohol and she feels pressure to stir things up. She’s not saying it but her role on the show is to bring the drama. If I had to listen to Yoyce talk about her husband’s wang or her vag, I’d be drinking, too. A LOT.

        Lisa was friends with Brandi for one reason: to do her dirty work. Do you think Brandi organically knew about Adrienne’s surrogacy? Unlikely. But Lisa would know about that and how desperately Adrienne wanted to maintain the charade. I’m very sure Lisa fed that info to Brandi who had NO problem putting that shit on BLAST. The shitty thing is, Brandi thought they had a real, ride or die, friendship with Lisa. When Brandi was getting tired of Lisa’s condescending bossiness, Lisa had to find a new stooge. Yoyce is stupid enough to buy it hook, line, and very shiny sinker.

        • Clare s says:

          I didn’t say Brandi had a drinking problem. I think she is just an asshole drunk or sober who can’t seem to hold herself accountable for her own actions. I would ditch her as a friend too. Brandi was giving interviews bashing both Joyce and Lisa in the press before the season started and hasn’t stooped since. Why should Joyce stop defending herself? While I don’t think Brandi is a card carrying member of the KKK I do think she is ignorant and says things that can be considered racist and if she doesn’t want to have herself painted as a racist then she should issue a real apology and move on, but she hasn’t. Her close black friend (Erista) even told her in the limo it was a dumb thing to say. As far as the Maloofs surrogacy I read on a few sites that it wasn’t a very well kept secret and Paul had discussed it on Dr 90120. Brandi has stated over and over again that she wasn’t doing anyone’s dirty work last year and accused her new BFF Kyle of having Faye do her dirty work. I’m sorry i feel the same way about Brandi as I did Taylor.

        • chickstar says:

          I just want to add that it was not Joyce that called her out at the dinner table, Brandi started when she tried to humiliate Joyce by saying that their “common” friend doesn’tthink highly of Joyce. Brandi brought that up in front of everyone, is Joyce supposed to just keep quiet and not defend herself? I’m not a Joyce fan or anyone’s fan on that show but I do try to call it like I see it or at least like how the producers edit the show that season.

        • Lisa Taylor says:

          Actually it was the Maloofs who introduced Brandi to the group so she had that knowledge before meeting Lisa.

    • Agatha says:

      Brandi’s ONLY flaw is being annoyed with Lisa?! Are you kidding? Have you watched this season?

      Not a joyce fan but brandi has been a psycho this season. And I think a lot of people have realized she wasn’t as truthful as she claimed about the Adrienne-lawsuit situation.

      • Clare s says:

        I think it was a cyst and disease (Aka cease and desist letter unless you are Tamara Barney) letter which can be scary but I don’t think it was a law suit. I am always suspicious of anyone who always feels the need to tell everyone how “they don’t lie”.

      • rachelkashmir says:

        @Agatha- At that point in filming, Brandi didn’t do anything to Lisa. She didn’t kick Giggy, flood Yelp! with hate-reviews of Scheeeeeeena at SUR, have an affair with Ken, nothing like that. Yes, Brandi has been off the rails, which post filming she admits to, but there is no catalyst which would cause Lisa to dump Brandi and adopt Yoyce as her new pet. The only thing I can see is Lisa was Brandi’s friend as long as Brandi towed the line. Brandi isn’t obeying anymore so Lisa has to find a new decoy.

    • BuddyChrist says:

      Word. Brandi can be petty and mean but Joyce is a horsetail expecting everyone to kiss her ass. She has been escalating what happened in Palm Springs into an american tragedy. She not only hates on Brandi but she won’t be satisfied till everyone else hates on Brandi. Hope Brandi can get it together before the reunion.

      • rachelkashmir says:

        @BuddyChrist- Totes agree. Yoyce is acting like Brandi told her to get up and walk to the back of the bus. One thing that kills me is, based on what we’ve seen, Brandi said the “black people” comment ONCE, at Palm Springs, back in June. Yoyce has been talking about it over and over and over and over again. Sit down, Yoyce. You’re a very privileged woman living in mansion, spending your dumpy husband’s money. No one is discriminating against you.You’re not Rosa Parks.

  4. TN Gal says:

    Hey Yoyce, when Jesus was forgiving all those hookers, drunkards, and gamblers treating the temple like a pre-Vegas Caesar’s Palace, I don’t think he referred to them as a “stupid little bitch”. You might wanna look that up.

  5. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    Say what you will but Horsey’s “Baby” started the fight at dinner. I think Horsey primed him for the pump so she could fight. I do agree with Brandi that two wrong’s do not make a right. That dinner was so out of control.

  6. Stevie W. says:

    You would think after all LaToya Jackson has been through she would be a lot nicer!

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      I think LaToya vaguely remembers that as mami of the Queen of the Universe Pagent every beauty queen needs a platform and she’s chosen bullying. The only point in her favor is she does not call it BULL-ing like Alexis “Jesus Loves Me” Bellino did.

      But I’d like to help her with the definition of bullying and beat the snot out of her. Figuratively speaking of course…..

      • Stevie W. says:

        LOL, so true. I was probably the only person alive who watched “Pageant Place,” the show that centered around the winners of Trump’s pageants all living together in NYC. LaToya is exactly like them, right down to her bizarre speech patterns and vacant stares

  7. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    The best part of this episode was watching Jax stare at the table from the bar. SUCH A CREEPSHOW!

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      I’m sure he’d crinkle his brow if he could, you know, to show his brain cell working, but too much botox so he had to go the Clark Kent glasses route.

  8. BigFatGreekLoudmouth says:

    I just read Yolanda’s blog. Her royal lemoness seems determined to stay on deck and continue playing the same tired song defending the disaster that is Brandi, while Brandi sinks further into a bottomless ocean filled with all her delusions and “fuck you” s.

  9. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Carlton, the Anais Nin for our time, (cough) not. She has got a collection of some of the fugliest tattoos I’ve evah seen, and I watch every crapping reality show there is about tattooing.

    The tramp stamp of her shriveled reproductive system is on the wrong side of her body. It should be on her belly. Makes me wonder if that tattoo above her bat-gina that peeks out from her bloomers and looks like the upper half of a map of California is really a charred turd. She needs to switch the placement of those two tatts. I’m dying to know what that tattoo really is, but Wiccapedia is no help at all (frowny face).

  10. Holyterror says:

    Kyle pushing her daughter onto the runway was really disturbing. Parading around in a body-skimming outfit is NOT the kind of “confidence” a 13 year old needs. She needs to be confident in her ideas, and in saying”no.” she said no, and that should have been respected. She’s being taught that wowing an audience and being conspicuous is what matters.

    • rachelkashmir says:

      @Holyterror- I thought the creepiest bit was seeing her daughters posing in the display window like prostitutes. The apple didn’t fall far from Big Kath’s tree.

  11. Holyterror says:

    I like Kyle talking about her trailer, like she was the star of the film and everyone should remember her. JLC didn’t seem to share the idea that Kyle was a memorable “co-star.”

  12. StaceySuperfly says:

    Brandi drew first blood then the beauty queen shot her down. I loved it! Lisa is clearly tired of the same ol go fuck yourself spewed from her drunken friends mouth, and I would be too. Anyone who can make Leann Rimes look like a good choice clearly needs therapy and to put down the booze and pills. And don’t even get me started on Kim’s “sobriety”. That bitch is high as a kite and I am sick of watching her act like she is A STAR! No twitch, the word you are looking for is JOKE.

  13. labowner says:

    Says a lot that Brandi and Cedric are/were friends. What happened to that leech?

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      Let’s see, he told Lisa his cher putan of a mama abandoned him in a phone booth, so he’s probably beavering away hunting down a phone booth in Beverly Hills (they’re hard to find nowadays) to wait for his next mark.

  14. sarcasatire says:


    Bananas are delicious. Strawberries are delicious. My man? Not delicious!

  15. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    Sarcas…have you wandered off the Mob Wives cap? Or, are you sending for someone?

    • sarcasatire says:

      The last screenshot on page one… I was inspired. lol

      If I didn’t constantly reference the most quotable reality TV moments, then life would not be worth living.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go twerk by a piano.

    • Aunt Dorsey says:

      I think sarcasatire was just commenting on Real Mob Wives of Beverly Hills. And Mauricio is NOT delicious.

  16. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    I keep getting iced out from the last page, therein lies my problem! Go on and TWERK!

  17. MK says:

    RonnieK, you never,ever disappoint! The guy in the hole…Gold!

  18. Clare s says:

    Have they filmed the reunion yet? If they haven’t I can see Kyle trying to distance herself from Brandi at the reunion. I don’t think Kyle will back Lisa but I think she will try and back Joyce and stay neutral about Lisa and Brandi. You know she’s reading the viewer feedback and will be nervous of getting backlash if she sides with Brandi too much. She has made a point to not bash Lisa or mention the Brandi & Joyce situation for 2 weeks in her blogs.

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