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Minicap: Sister Wives | TrashTalkTV

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Minicap: Sister Wives


As usual, Meri is absolutely mesmerizing.

Howdy, Trashmii!

Well, just when we thought the whole “Meri’s going to be an empty-nester” storyline, which occupied the whole of last season, was dead – it’s back, and even more annoying than ever.  If all these gals are sister wives, aren’t they all “moms” to each others’ children?  So Meri really isn’t an “empty-nester”, is she, if she’s really living polygamy the way it’s supposed to be lived?

In other news, Kody and his BFF/wanna-be lover hang out with Janelle’s trainer, and do all sorts of macho things to prove how hetero they are.  Like wrestling, and fine dining.

Meanwhile, the wives and BFF/lover’s wife go to a “zoo”, which appears to be someone’s backyard with a couple of animals in it, and the wives get grilled about polygamous life.  6 seasons in, when those questions have already been asked and answered a million times before.  Hasn’t this gal ever watched this show?

Finally, Meri shows us her BFF (shocker! it’s not another sister wife!) and they shop for fabric for a quilt for Mariah.  Remember that monstrosity they saddled Logan with last season?  Yep, another one is on the way.  Although given how favored Mariah is, this one will probably be covered with money.

Much more in the full recap!  See you then!

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4 comments on “Minicap: Sister Wives

  1. Wasabipeas says:

    Meri seems likes a dunce. How about GETTING A JOB? The oh so enlightened lifestyle that makes them all better isn’t working very well, is it?

  2. tv junkie says:

    Then she would not have as much to complain about.

  3. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Ugh. I hope once Mariah leaves they just shove Meri out on the ice floe so we don’t have to listen to her Eeyore attitude constantly.

    And I’ll bet Robyn loves animals, she just wanted getting enough camera time so she had to pretend to freak out about camel whiskers on her face. Shut. Up. Robyn.

  4. Janine says:

    Was it only me that was wishing Cody would accidentally smack his head on the garage floor where the mat was not covering the cement, while he was having an uncomfortable wrestling match with his buddy? Also, enough with the tears ladies! I cannot buy into the whole eternal happiness storyline when someone is crying every 37 seconds.

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