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Mob Wives Recap: Mental Mentor

We are back in Vegas and it’s the morning after Renee’s crazy pool scene. Big Ang (yay!) is doing her thing. She has ordered a magnificent breakfast and is prepared for everyone to enjoy it, clear the air, and get on with having fun in Vegas. I would love to party with Ang. She would get you trashed, flirt with all of the men, get you home to bed, and feed you enough food the next day to kill any hangover that dared show its face.


She and Alicia talk about how this “off the wagon” version of Renee is scary and that it isn’t really her. This is the Renee that was crawling around on the kitchen floor with dirty feet bitching about crumbs. This is not the Renee who laughs and loves hard. In other words, this is the bat shit crazy Renee that is to be avoided at all times.

Drita and Renee join Ang and Alicia for breakfast. Renee still looks horrible, and Drita is bitching about having lost 2 grand at the casino. She wants the ladies to help her think of a believable lie for Lee. Ang kills me when she tells Drita that it doesn’t matter what she says, Lee is going to know that she is fucking lying (yeah, because you are on TV dummy!). Drita also knows that Renee is a ticking time bomb when it comes to Natalie. She is down with Ang’s plan to get everything out in the open at breakfast so that they can move on.


She decides that there won’t be any behind the back talking, so she goes to get Natalie. She sits her down and says that she wanted to get her bad blood out one on one because she has been ganged up on before and doesn’t want that to happen to Natalie. She says that after she first met Natalie she talked mad shit about her, and wasn’t sure how they were going to do on this trip. She is over her problems, Alicia apologizes for her prior behavior toward Drita and the two hug it out.

They go to breakfast, and it really is a huge spread. Renee immediately starts in with delicious-gate. She tells Natalie that the food on the table is delicious, but the man sitting beside her isn’t. Natalie says that she didn’t mean anything by it, but that she didn’t think it was inappropriate either. Renee tries to prove her point by going up to Alicia and saying, “I’ve known Eddie all my life, and he smells delicious.” Natalie wins a begrudging laugh from me when she snaps back with, “you should know he smells delicious after all of the times you went out to dinner with him.” What’s even better are the reactions to this winner of a line. Renee and Alicia stare at Natalie in Shock.


Drita and Ang look at Renee, like, “what you have to say to that?”

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15 comments on “Mob Wives Recap: Mental Mentor

  1. stinkyhousewives says:

    How old is Renee? This is like the geriatric version of the bad girls club. I’m on team Natalie. How many more episodes are we going to hear about ‘delicious gate’? Love Big Ang and Drita, but why do they put up with this foolishness?

  2. labowner says:

    Sans the length of the relationship how is Renee’s insanity over Natalie any different than Reza’s freaking out on Sasha. Both saw younger, hotter versions of themselves. Natalie is single. Renee trusts no one and is very insecure. In crazy Renee’s mind, Natalie might as well have undressed and said “let’s fuck”.

    I’m still confused on the eating with Eddie stuff. If Renee has known him since they were babies and their families were close, what is the issue? It was Eddie’s job to tell his wife who he was having dinner with, not Renee’s. In the bigger picture of Alicia’s life, that seems to be crumbs on the floor to me.

  3. rachelkashmir says:

    I’d love to say something snarky but I’m very VERY afraid of these women. I live just down the 95 from Philly and I don’t need Jimmy “The Moose” Santinino clubbing me death.

    Natalie is far braver woman than I am.

  4. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    It feels like we’re going to be hearing about delicious forever. And (I don’t remember if I mentioned this on an earlier ‘cap) Renee was probably worried because Rent-a-Date was much more age appropriate for Natalie than Renee (after I typed this, I looked it up – Renee is 45. Yikes – she is not looking good for 45 at all – hopefully if she can stay clean and sober and lay off the drama her age will catch up with her looks – she’ pretty when she’s all done up, but when she isn’t you can see every pill, every drink and every fight on her face). Rent-a-Date only looked a few years older than AJ to me. I’m probably wrong on the age thing though – I’m terrible at gauging that stuff.

  5. JFab says:

    Natalie is actually in her 40s as well. She looks amazing! So that could add to Renee’s jealously as well. I think Renee is just also upset because she was realizing that she would no longer be the center of attention on the show. Since her sister is the producer I truly believe that Renee thinks that this is HER show and that Ang, Drita, and the newbies are her puppet to some extent. She does not like losing that control.

  6. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Get out! She looks younger than me and I’m in my 30s! That’s a total mindblower. Clearly she isn’t really in “the life” and is just and outsider looking in because the women that are in “the life” all look old.

  7. sarcasatire says:

    Do we have any proof Natalie is in her 40′s?
    I’m not sure I believe that… I put her in her early to thirties.. Could even be younger. But no way would Renee call a woman close to her age, “Mini-me” or grab her like that from the table. I do think Renee patronizes her like that, not just because she’s Renee (HBIC) but because she sees Natalie as this young girl that Renee can mold/mentor.

    What 40 yr old woman with a career wants to be mentored by a 40 yr old without one?

  8. labowner says:

    Natalie was born in 1982.

  9. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Points go to Natalie for that round because the ‘eating dinner with Eddie’ line was apparently the right button to push for thermonuclear destruction. The so-called “code” these ladies (and I use the term loosely) live by is beyond me, but I’m sure Rene found it natural for Eddie to be stepping out on his wife. Rene probably adheres to “bros before legally espoused hos”. But I can see Rene raising all kinds of hell if the situation was reversed.

    I swear at one point during this mess, I heard, “Let’s nip this in the butt” from one of the Camp David peace brokers. I’m waiting for the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize recipient any day now.

    From now on, “You smell delicious”, is going to be my go-to final line in any argument. I think it’s a winner and guaranteed to terminate any conversation. I’ve already added Kim D. of the Real Fishwives of New Joisey’s , “I run with the big boys” to my repertoire.

  10. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I don’t believe Natalie is in her 40s. She looked pretty much like she’s in her mid- to late-20s in those shots of her without makeup.

  11. YankeesFan08 says:

    This says she was born in 1982,making her 31.

  12. labowner says:

    Here is a fine “fuck you” from Alicia’s lawyers. Without viewers, the show and her paycheck don’t exist jerk. And who considers marriage so-called affiliation?

    “In reality, the show is about a group of women, loosely connected by their so-called affiliation with organized crime, arguing and fighting amongst themselves over petty grievances for the viewing pleasure of people who have no lives of their own. Far from glorifying “mob life”, Ms. DiMichele makes clear in the show that she is devastated by the position she finds herself in, and regrets what she has done,”

  13. yeknom yeknom says:

    @labowner….eh, that’s just lawyer talk trying to claim that Alicia wasdn’t aware of her husband’s dealings with the mob & trying to downplay her involvement in it all, since the title is Mob Wives. Arent’s they’re claiming she wasn’t in the know to keep her ass outta jail?

    Natalie is 30-31? That’s still old enough to not want to be called someone’s ‘mini-me’. Unless it was Big Ang…..she can call anyone she wants her mini-me because she’s Big Ang. I liked how she stood up to Renee, but still can’t stand her.

    Now Alicia looks good for her age! When they showed her 18 year old son, I was shocked that she had a 18 yr old kid. Even if she had him at 20-21, I still think she looks pretty young (and good) for having a kid that old.

    I’m still thinking Renee’s downward spiral is because her Rent-a-date is rejecting her. It surely can’t be because of anything she’s done or anything about her….it HAS to be someone else’s fault. She’s blaming natalie, because it’s easier to do that.

  14. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Are you implying that people might actually think that Rent-a-Date didn’t renew the rental period because of Renee’s completely batshit over the top crazy reaction to an adjective? How could anyone think that?!?!

  15. yeknom yeknom says:

    I guess I am implying that. No wait, I outright said that I think Renee is acting all bat-shit crazy because she’s being rejected. Maybe she’s not in the know of the plot line her sister lined up for her.

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