Mob Wives Recap: Mental Mentor

We are back in Vegas and it’s the morning after Renee’s crazy pool scene. Big Ang (yay!) is doing her thing. She has ordered a magnificent breakfast and is prepared for everyone to enjoy it, clear the air, and get on with having fun in Vegas. I would love to party with Ang. She would get you trashed, flirt with all of the men, get you home to bed, and feed you enough food the next day to kill any hangover that dared show its face.


She and Alicia talk about how this “off the wagon” version of Renee is scary and that it isn’t really her. This is the Renee that was crawling around on the kitchen floor with dirty feet bitching about crumbs. This is not the Renee who laughs and loves hard. In other words, this is the bat shit crazy Renee that is to be avoided at all times.

Drita and Renee join Ang and Alicia for breakfast. Renee still looks horrible, and Drita is bitching about having lost 2 grand at the casino. She wants the ladies to help her think of a believable lie for Lee. Ang kills me when she tells Drita that it doesn’t matter what she says, Lee is going to know that she is fucking lying (yeah, because you are on TV dummy!). Drita also knows that Renee is a ticking time bomb when it comes to Natalie. She is down with Ang’s plan to get everything out in the open at breakfast so that they can move on.


She decides that there won’t be any behind the back talking, so she goes to get Natalie. She sits her down and says that she wanted to get her bad blood out one on one because she has been ganged up on before and doesn’t want that to happen to Natalie. She says that after she first met Natalie she talked mad shit about her, and wasn’t sure how they were going to do on this trip. She is over her problems, Alicia apologizes for her prior behavior toward Drita and the two hug it out.

They go to breakfast, and it really is a huge spread. Renee immediately starts in with delicious-gate. She tells Natalie that the food on the table is delicious, but the man sitting beside her isn’t. Natalie says that she didn’t mean anything by it, but that she didn’t think it was inappropriate either. Renee tries to prove her point by going up to Alicia and saying, “I’ve known Eddie all my life, and he smells delicious.” Natalie wins a begrudging laugh from me when she snaps back with, “you should know he smells delicious after all of the times you went out to dinner with him.” What’s even better are the reactions to this winner of a line. Renee and Alicia stare at Natalie in Shock.


Drita and Ang look at Renee, like, “what you have to say to that?”




OK. I’m still not convinced that Renee did anything wrong in regards to the Eddie situation. But, Natalie does have a point. How is complimenting the way Rent-a-Date smelled any more inappropriate than Renee having dinner with Eddie and Carla?

Renee is not happy with her own behavior being thrown back in her face. You can almost see steam coming out of her ears and rays of fire shooting from her eyes as she storms over to Natalie’s chair. She grabs Natalie’s arm and tries to pull her away from the table like she is dealing with a child throwing a tantrum.


When Natalie refuses to leave with her, Renee goes into a rage. She throws the ice bucket all over the glorious breakfast (why must you make the food suffer, Renee?), and ends up breaking a glass and almost hitting Alicia with the shards.


Natalie is doing a good job of standing up to Renee and she even stops arguing for a minute to make sure that Alicia is ok. Once she is assured, she tears into Renee. She says Renee must be on something to throw dishes around like a psycho. She says that she tried to apologize to Renee three different times that night and Renee not only spewed crazy every where, she refused to hear her out.

Renee retreats a bit and starts trying to clean up the mess she made. Drita is trying to intervene and Renee gets in her face. Drita is not having it with the hand’s in the face thing and shuts it down quickly.

Natalie is still explaining her side of things when Renee calmly walks over to her. I have to admit, I was expecting Renee to hug Natalie, not put her in the head lock. Everyone is shocked. Natalie gets in a punch and some hair pulling ensues before Renee is pulled away by production.




Someone on the production crew is reading Renee the riot act.

Alicia is appalled by this crazy. She has never seen women behave this way. Drita tries to run interference between Renee and Natalie. Renee comes back and Alicia is talking her about the delicious comment and how she tried to apologize and Renee keeps trying to go after her. Ang even asks Renee if she gets that Natalie has been trying to apologize to her.

Renee accepts the apology about delicious-gate claiming to be the bigger, older, and better person. Natalie makes a sarcastic comment about her just being a puppet waiting for someone to pull her strings, and that sets Renee off again. Did anyone else think Drita was about to start laughing at that? Because I totally did. She can barely hide her smile.


Anyway, Renee is removed from the room again, and this time, I think we actually get a glimpse of Jennifer G as part of the group pulling her away. I thought I actually heard Renee say Jenn’s name. But it was pretty chaotic and poorly edited so I can’t be sure.

The girls are all pretty impressed with how well Natalie stood her ground with Renee. Drita gets in a great line about Renee turning into Super Fly Snooka – and I laugh loud enough stop my husband from snoring – he tries to watch this show with me, but something about the screeching women, sends him into a self preservation coma.

Natalie calls her allegedly gay boyfriend, London and recaps the breakfast from hell with him. After being assured that Natalie is ok, he seems to find the crazy entertaining. He also tells her that Renee is a fucking loon and Natalie is better off now that she knows that.


Drita, Alicia, and Ang are hanging out poolside. Drita is amazed that this brawl happened over breakfast. Everyone was sober, they weren’t out at a club with booze flowing and misunderstanding abounding. This was an amazing breakfast that turned into a brawl with glass flying. The audience then tells Drita, that this is precisely why we watch this show.

She wants to play peacemaker because she wants all of them to actually have a good time. They are in Vegas for the love of Pete, and drinking out of coconuts. They don’t need to be fighting. She thinks they should divide and conquer. She will go find Natalie if Ang and Alicia will talk to Renee.

Ang finds Renee sleeping, finally. So, she decides to let her get her rest. She and Alicia talk about Eddie and how they are waiting for his sentencing. Ang, who is also a felon, understands how nerve wracking this whole thing is. She also says that she completely done with that life. I love me some Big Ang (yay!). She doesn’t apologize or try to make her stint in that life anything more than what it was. It was just something she did, learned from, and moved on from. She has never tried to go back to that life and doesn’t want to either. The second I laid eyes on her in Season 2, I new it would be a love that would last forever.


Drita meets up with Natalie at the bar. They talk, and I am glad that Drita is going into this as someone who wants to stop the bullshit before it gets any worse. She says that Renee simply wasn’t prepared for Natalie to stand up to her. Drita has a new appreciation, and dare I say it, some respect for Natalie after the way she handled herself. Natalie says that she originally thought of Renee as a mentor but it turned out that she was just mental. She gets another laugh out of me, this one was a little less begrudging. She goes on to say to Drita that for her part, she can be cordial and polite.

Renee wakes up the next day and Ang is glad to see her looking more like herself. Renee knows that the majority of her behavior had to do with her falling off the wagon. Ang doesn’t like that Renee isn’t taking any real responsibility for her actions by blaming everything on Natalie, but is glad to see her wanting to go out and have fun.

All of the women, sans Natalie go to an interactive Mob Museum. Can I just say how much I would love to visit that place? It looks amazing! They have a day of sober fun just hanging out and enjoying the exhibits.

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without Renee bringing up Natalie again. Drita very calmly says that Natalie was defending herself. She doesn’t try to coddle Renee or indulge her tantrum, she also doesn’t accuse Renee of anything, which is probably the only reason anything that she is saying is sinking into Renee’s head.


Renee retrenches a bit. She is starting to feel like Drita is not 100 percent on her side. Renee, none of them are 100 percent on your side because they all know you are fucking insane!

Drita heads back to the casino! She really is a degenerate gambler.


She wants to try to win her money back and ends up losing even more. Oh Drita!

Renee is in the suite while the rest of the women lounge at the pool. While they are talking and having a drink, Renee calls Natalie’s phone. She wants Natalie to come back to the suite so that the two of them can talk alone. The other women are shocked that Renee would even make the first move like that and encourage her to go so they can squash this. Natalie’s inner Renee comes out and she refuses.


See, it isn’t a coincidence that Renee kept saying that Natalie reminds her of herself. Both of them say inappropriate shit that gets them into trouble. They both are extremely stubborn and volatile. And both of them turn into petulant children the second someone suggests they do something that is not on their own terms.

The new found respect that Ang and Drita had for Natalie is now starting to fade.


Renee is PISSED that Natalie rebuffed her attempt to make nice on her own terms. She is watching Alicia and Natalie hang out in the balcony pool and seething. She is now questioning Alicia’s loyalty and we are going to have yet another trip to Renee’s Crazy Town.

And that’s all I got for this week, Trashies! Tell me what you thought of the episode. Is Renee’s mental issue making the season difficult or are you still managing to find parts of it entertaining? What’s your take on Natalie? I liked that she didn’t back down to Renee, but didn’t like her drawing this shit out any further when it could have been squashed. How much money do you think Drita will lose before they finally make it out of Vegas?

Tell me what you think in the comments!